Coppard Plant Hire take first Maeda MC405CRM-E-3 in UK

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coppard take first maeda mc405crm-e-3

UK rental company Coppard Plant Hire has taken delivery of the first 3.83 tonnes Maeda MC405CRM-E-3 spider crane in the country.

The crane can lift its maximum capacity at a radius of 2.7 metres, while its maximum radius is 16 metres. The updated model, delivered by Kranlyft UK, features an EU stage V compliant engine to comply with the latest emission standards.

Established in 1972, Coppard employs 49 through four locations in Crowborough, Godstone, Brighton and Melksham, all in southern England. The company’s fleet includes spider cranes, pick & carry cranes, crawler cranes and self-erecting tower cranes, as well as glass handling equipment.

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