Grove GRT880

The GRT880 improves lateral strength of all boom sections by utilizing the next generation in Grove’s formed boom technology.


  • NEW TWO-YEAR STANDARD WARRANTY – with optional extended coverage up to five years.
  • Four-section full-power boom
  • 134.5 ft boom length
  • 16,800 lb line pull
  • Four modes of steering (improves manoeuvring in tight areas)
  • 56 ft + 20 ft insert, 223 ft max tip height

The GRT880 features a 41m (135ft) main boom that is lighter than other cranes in its capacity class and comes with a full complement of boom extension and insert options. It also has an outstanding reach of 60.9m (200 ft) and a maximum tip height of 68m (223ft). Though the boom might be lighter and longer than its predecessor, it has the ability to lift heavier loads across its load chart.

Comparable to other roughter of the same class, like Tadano GR800EX, the GRT880 is more versatile than its competitor cranes – boasting up to 16% increase in load charts at full radius, 13% greater in mid-range and 27% at close radii.  With the offsettable boom and fly jib extensions, the crane will enable the customer to lift heavier loads to greater heights.

Though the offsettable jib is manual, the new boom extension stowage system reduces the erection and stowage time by 60% comparing to previous generation Grove cranes. Reducing time in setup and disassemble means lesser cost and increase in ROI.

The GRT880 also had the best-in-class hoist line pulls at 7,883kg (13, 380lbs) on both the main and auxiliary hoists. It reduces the number of part-lines needed to lift loads from similar capacity cranes which in turn higher productivity and faster earnings.

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