Comansa 30LC1450

The 30LC1450 model comes in four versions with a maximum load of 32, 48, 64 or 90 tonnes. The latter version is the largest-capacity crane in Comansa’s standard range, although the engineering team has designed several special versions of this model for wind turbine assembly projects on wind farms.

This crane is particularly notable for its enormous load capacity along the entire jib. Moreover, thanks to the PowerLift system, the crane can move any load 10% further at slower speeds, if needed.

The 30LC1450 comes standard equipped with the XL CUBE cab to ensure the productivity and comfort of the operator.

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Crane Load Chart Below

thumbnail of 30LC1450-32_spec_mt_en_vDS144104
Metric, EN (32 ton)
thumbnail of 30LC1450-32_spec_mt_en_vDS182427
Metric, EN (32 ton)
thumbnail of 30LC1450-48_spec_mt_en_vDS144105
Metric, EN (48 ton)
thumbnail of 30LC1450-48_spec_mt_en_vDS182428
Metric, EN (48 ton)
thumbnail of 30LC1450-64_spec_mt_en_vDS144106
Metric, EN (64 ton)
thumbnail of 30LC1450-64_spec_mt_en_vDS182429
Metric, EN (64 ton)
thumbnail of 30LC1450-90_spec_mt_en_v3220-10248
Metric, EN (90 ton)
thumbnail of 30LC1450-90_spec_mt_en_vDS182430
Metric, EN (90 ton)

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