Terex CTT 472-20

This new 20 tonne (22 US ton) class crane expands maximum jib length to 80 m (262.5 ft) and increases load charts over previous models offering the same max lift capacity. Maximum load at the full length is 4 tonnes (4.4 US ton) or 4.5 tonnes (5.0 US ton) with Terex Power Plus (TPP).


Power & Versatility

• CTT 472-20 can be configured with H20, HD23 and TS212 Terex mast sections,
• or a combination of them using transfer masts, allowing it to reach impressive free
• standing heights
• New control system offers expanded configuration options and quick set-up
• Terex Power Plus feature can temporarily increase the maximum load moment under
• controlled conditions giving the operator extra lifting capacity, by an additional 10%

Operator Efficiency & Comfort

• New Terex cabin offers advanced operating efficiency and comfort
• Large full-colour 18-cm (7-in) display with anti-glare screen provides operating data
• and clear information required for troubleshooting
• Built-in heating and air conditioning maintains consistent cabin temperature,
• regardless if operating in winter temperatures or the heat of summer

Easy Transport & Set Up

Tower segments come preassembled with aluminium ladders for fast erection and
• increased durability
• All jib sections come preassembled with a lifeline for safe work at height




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