Three companies fined for Seattle tower crane collapse

Three companies have been fined a combined total of US$107,200 for safety violations related to the collapse of a tower crane in Seattle, Washington, USA, on April 2019. An investigation by the Washington Department of Labor & Industries (L&I) “determined that the crane collapse was caused by the companies not following the manufacturer’s procedures for … Read more

Saez with new large luffing jib tower crane

Side view of Saez SL 450 R luffing jib tower crane

Spanish tower crane manufacturer Saez has a new large luffing jib tower crane model for high-speed operation and reduced cycle times. The SL 450 R is a single line version of the existing SL 450 model. It has a 123 kW hoist mechanism which gives a hoist speed up to 248 metres/minute with a 1.7 … Read more

Tower crane drop load onto street in Canada

wolffkran drops load in victoria canada

A tower crane working in the town of Victoria, British Columbia, Canada dropped a formwork section into the street last Wednesday. Although the material landed on the pedestrian walkway, thankfully no one was hurt in the incident. This is partly if not wholly due to the fact that pedestrians had been stopped from walking under … Read more

New CEO for Wolffkran

Wolffkran has appointed Duncan Salt as chief executive, replacing Peter Schiefer who will remain on the board of directors and operate as the board’s delegate. Salt has been head of sales at Wolffkran since the start of 2018. Prior to that, he was head of international sales. He began his crane-related career when he joined … Read more

Jaso launches the largest tower

Jaso looks into the future for Prefabricated Prefinished Volumetric Construction (PPVC) that is gaining tractor in Singapore and looking to venture into this sector. Spanish manufacturer Jaso is launching its largest crane to date, the J1400 top-slewing tower. The 64-tonne capacity low top J1400 can have a jib up to 80 m. It has a … Read more

Trio of Potain tower cranes supports Trilogy Limassol Seafront project

Trio of Potain tower cranes supports Trilogy Limassol Seafront project

Three Potain top-slewing tower cranes have commenced work on three, 170 m luxury apartment towers on the coast of Limassol, Cyprus. Potain dealer Uniplant assisted contractor Cybarco in the selection of the cranes and is providing ongoing technical and site optimization support. Two Potain MDT 269 J12s and one MDT 389 L16 tower crane are … Read more

Terex unveiled CTT 202-10 flat top tower crane at bauma 2019

Terex unveil CTT202-10 at Bauma 2019

Terex Cranes officially launched the new 10-tonne (11-U.S.-ton) class Terex CTT 202-10 flat top tower crane at Bauma 2019. Delivering increased jobsite versatility, the new Terex crane offers three chassis options, budget to performance, with 3.8-m (12.5-ft), 4.5-m (14.8-ft) and 6-m (19.7-ft) base selections. the new crane can be configured with H20, TS21 and TS16 masts, offering from 1.6- … Read more

Tower crane toppled onto under-construction Google Seattle campus, killing four

27th April 2019 – A tower crane at Seattle has toppled from the under construction new Google Seattle campus onto the public road during its disassembling process and killing 4 people. Authorities and experts are looking into the cause of the fatal accident, including gusty winds and human error. The entire tower crane collapsed footage … Read more

UK’s largest flat-top crane lands at Heathrow Airport

Rental company City Lifting supplies a Linden Comansa tower crane model 21LC750 with maximum load capacity of 50 tonnes for the construction of a hotel next to Terminal 2 With almost 80 million passengers in 2017, Heathrow airport in London is one of the world’s busiest in traffic. Thousands of travellers use this huge airport … Read more

First Hup 40-30 Potain cranes delivered in Russia

Moscow-based crane rental company TOPKRAN-RENT has purchased four new Potain Hup cranes – the first to be sold in Russia. The well-established contractor has purchased four new Hup 40-30 self-erecting cranes. All four cranes will be put to work on a four-month project in the capital. [quads id=1] TOPKRAN-RENT is already familiar with the Potain … Read more