7055-3F (55t)

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Kobelco 7055-3F hydraulic crawler crane features new technologies that raise performance to a new height. Precise, high-elevation crane jobs depend on accuracy and speed, while lifting for general construction jobs demands reliable safety and a sufficient working area. The versatile Kobelco 7055-3F fully meets all of these requirements in one, tough unit.

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  • Global design superstructure
  • High-performance winch to accommodate a wide range of jobs
  • Smooth operation and control
  • Reliable safety features
  • Multi-function LMI display

Global design superstructure

  • Complies with worldwide exhaust gas regulations 
  •  Compiles with Japanese noise regulations
  • Super-fine filter, a long-life filter for hydraulic oil
  • High output engine
  • Versatile operation
  • On-site manoeuvrability

High-performance winch to accommodate a wide range of jobs

  • Winches with built-in wet-type disc brakes
  • Wet-type disc brake system
  • Maintenance-free winch
  • Environmentally-friendly design
  • Wide, large-capacity winches for smooth high-rise work
  • Large 3rd winch (Optional)

Smooth operation and control

  • Clear, panoramic view
  • Comfortable 940mm wide cab
  • High-speed lifting increase work efficiency
  • Control levers connected directly to pilot valves for smooth operations
  • New hydraulic system
  • Winch speed controller
  • Selectable swing modes to match the job at hand

Reliable safety features

  • A two-stage system to prevent boom and jib overhoist
  • Automatic soft-stop function reduces shocks
  • Automatic stop release switch with safety function
  • Free-fall with monitoring and lock functions

Multi-function LMI display

The newly designed load moment indicator (LMI) system features a large, easy-to-read, LCD display. The rated load, actual load, load ratio, and other information are displayed in large characters. Warnings and other items are displayed in colour, and text messages and alarms alert the operator to prevent dangerous conditions from developing.Other information can also be displayed, including a rated load chart and rated load curve, in addition to a function that regulates the working range. 



thumbnail of 7055-3F spec mt en
Load Chart in Metric, English
thumbnail of 7055-3F spec mt ja
Load Chart in Metric, Japanese
thumbnail of 7055-3F 7070-1F catalog en
Catalog, English