14000 (200t)

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Photo by Emielschoonen.

The 14000 is an alternative for the old mechanical model 4100W. featured a patented CAN-Bus and EPIC control system configured with six independent closed-loop hydraulic circuits. The 200 tonnes class fully hydraulic crawler crane offers a maximum main boom of 86m and luffing jib up to 113.8 metres . It is also equipped with FACT connection system for easier setup. The deliveries of the 14000 begins in early 2007.

Azovintex Took Delivery Of First 14000

Manitowoc Crane Group has handed over its first unit of Model 14000 crawler crane to Alexander Taruta, president of Ukraine-based contractor Azovintex in 2007. The handover took place in Germany Bauma 2007 and it was the first model sold that is going to a country outside of US.

Download 14000 Load Chart Below

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