SCC3600 (3,600t)

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a brochure for Sany SCC36000A brochure cover showing Sany’s SCC36000 and introducing it as the World’s No. 1 crawler crane. Extracted from Sany.

China manufacturer, Sany has penetrated the super crane market by manufacturing the world’s largest crane in crawler crane. Introduced in 2011, the twin boom crawler crane has a capacity of 86,000 tonnes/metre and good for up to 3,600 tonnes. The crane is built in Kunshan and cost approximately US$40 million.

The 3,600 tonnes crawler crane comes with eight crawler tracks and four drums fitted with 40-millimeter diameter wire rope and powered by two 597 kW diesel engines. It takes an approximate 86 truckloads to transport the crane.

*SCC36000 should be the same crane as SCC86000TM as advertised in the early stage. It seems that 86000 was derived from the tonnes/metre of the crane. However, no source has been released to verify this fact.

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