LS368RH-5 (250t)

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Asiagroup Sdn Bhd‘s LS369RH-5 in Malaysia.

LS368RH-5 is a 250 ton crawler crane developed by Sumitomo in the early days for domestic use. The crane is powered by a Mitsubishi 6D22TC diesel engine and comes with a great variety of boom attachments and configuration which we will touch on in the later part of this article. The crane can be operated with a total of 65.5 ton counterweight and and optional extra 7 ton counterweight when operating with LWC attachment.

Now we move onto the main boom attachment for the cranes. It comes with two different boom top attachment – hammer-head and tapered head. The hammer-head boom top is being used for heavy lifting and comes with 10 sheaves. It can be configured to a total of 30.5m boom length, including the boom top. It has a rated lifting capacity of 122.1t at 7.6m radius and 21.2t at 28.3m radius.

While the 9.15m tapered boom top comes with five sheaves and can be configuration to a length of 73.2m including the boom top. The boom length can be further extended to 97.60m with the use of boom live mast, an attachment needed for the fly jib configuration as well. It has a rated lifting capacity of 15.7t at 18.7m radius and 1.9t at 64m radius.

LWC Attachment

The crane also has an optional auxiliary short jib which is pinned to the tapered boom top and available for a single line lift of 13.5t. This means that it is able to carry out two hook operation and reduce time for lighter weight cargoes.

There was an option for fly jib as well, spanning from 12.2m to 30.2m, which is still commonly found in most of the newer models cranes. The 250 ton crawler crane can achieve a maximum lifting height of 82.35m with 45.7m main boom plus 30.2m fly jib and a whooping 94.55m with 54.9m LWC attachment plus 30.2m fly jib

Next, we will touch on the LWC attachment. The LWC attachment uses a back mast of 30.5m (differ from the boom live mast) to provide a better lift for either main boom or fly jib operation. The maximum possible main boom configuration is 97.60m and has a rated lifting capacity of 25t at 18.7m radius and 1.9t at 80m radius. It can also be equipped with fly jib of up to 30.2m for operation works.

Sumitomo has later change the name of this crane is later being changed from LS368RH-5 to SC2500.

Download LS368RH-5 Load Chart Below