Liebherr has revealed their new 250-tonne mobile crane, LTM1250-5.1 during Liebherr Customer Day in 2015 at the manufacturing plant in Ehingen, Germany.

The LTM1250-5.1 is the most powerful mobile crane on 5-axles in the Liebherr mobile crane capacity class. It is also the third crane model on which Liebherr uses its innovative single-engine concept that meets with Stage IV / Tier 4 Final emissions regulations.

The LTM1250-5.1 is the successor to the global success model LTM1220-5.2. Its load capacity has been increased compared to its predecessor by around 15% – 20% whilst the telescopic boom has remained the same of 60 metres. In addition to the multi-functional folding jib, an optional 50 metres fixed jib is also available. This brings the maximum lifting height of the crane to 110 metres.

In addition to the multi-functional folding jib, an optional 50 metres fixed jib is also available. This brings the maximum lifting height of the crane to 110 m. The 12.2 m to 22 m folding jib can be extended up to 36 m with 7-metre sections. The folding jib is attached with a 0°, 22.5° or 45° inclination. Another option of the folding jib is that it can be supplied with a hydraulic adjustment system, which allows the jib to luff with a full load between 0° and 45°. The adapter section for the folding jib is used as a 5.4 m erection jib. The pivot point for the folding jib can be raised using up to two straight 7-metre lattice sections acting as telescopic boom extensions. These sections and the folding jib extensions can also be used on the Liebherr LTM1200-5.1 and LTM1220-5.2 mobile crane. This is a major benefit as crane owners can interchange between the models without purchasing additional attachments.

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One feature that has been unusual in the 5-axle class to date is the possibility to mount a long fixed jib. Liebherr has created just one additional TF adapter (connection between the telescopic boom and the fixed jib), a reducer section and a head. It is now possible to achieve a fixed jib of up to 50 m in length. The existing telescopic boom extensions and folding jib extensions are used for this purpose. This jib is generally hydraulically adjustable between 0° and 45° and can therefore be used like a luffing jib.

The maximum counterweight on the new LTM1250-5.1 is 88 tonne with a overall width of 6.3 metres. The base plate weight 1 tonne and a 10-tonne counterweight base plate are the same width as the vehicle. When equipped with up to 68 tonnes of counterweight, the overall width is 4.1 metres.

The crane is also equipped with one of Liebherr’s new features – VarioBallast. This allows the 250-tonne mobile crane to be operated with two different counterweight radii: 5.58 m or 4.78 m. Liebherr has designed a solution to adjust the counterweight radius particularly quickly and easily. The counterweight is reduced by 800 mm using a standard mechanically swivelling counterweight cylinders. This solution is a major benefit of the new 250-tonne model for use in constricted conditions.

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Mumbai-based JNK Lifters has taken delivery their first unit of Liebherr Crane at Bauma Conexpo India 2016.

JNK Lifters has purchased their first unit of Liebherr crane, which is LTM1250-5.1. The crane will be used for tower crane assembly, maintenance work in the petrochemicals industry, support work for wind turbines erections and underground railway construction.

Technical Specifications


India-based JNK Lifters has purchase the LTM1250-5.1, their first unit of Liebherr crane at Bauma Conexpo India 2016.


Load Chart in English (Metric) Load Chart in English (Imperial)


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