Liebherr MK63 Mobile Folding Construction Crane (8 tonnes)

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Source by Buchhammer Handel.

News was released in September 2006 that Liebherr was developing a new three-axles mobile folding construction crane, the MK63.

The new unit, which will lift 8 tonnes and have a 35 metres jib, will be the smallest in the MK range behind the four-axle MK80 and the five-axle MK100. Both these mobile folding tower cranes, or truck tower cranes, have a maximum capacity of 8 tonnes. The MK100 lifts 1.6 tonnes at its maximum radius of 52 metres. There is also an MK110 version of the MK100 with more onboard counterweight.

The existing models comprise a self-erecting tower crane from Biberach mounted on an Ehingen-built carrier.

Download MK63 Load Chart Below


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