Sumitomo SA1100 (110t)

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In the 1980s, the all-terrain crane has become a mainstream in Europe’s crane industry and Japanese manufacturers have put careful consideration in venturing the booming market. Hence, Sumitomo, with a joint effort with Italian CVS and carrier, developed Japan’s first all-terrain crane – SA1100. The 110-tonne mobile crane was released for sale in 1990.

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  • Max. lifting capacity of 110 tonnes at 2.7 meters working radius.
  • Box-shaped 5-section telescopic boom up to 47.1meterss, having a max. lifting height of 46 meters.
  • It can be further extended with its telescopic jib of 21.8 meters, achieving a max. lifting height of 69 meters.
  • Powered by an Isuzu 6SAIT diesel engine with a maximum output of 147 kW / 2,100 rpm and a maximum torque of 696 Nm / 1,400 rpm.


thumbnail of SA1100 Specs 2-section
Specs, 2-section, Metric
thumbnail of SA1100 Brochure 2-section
Brochure, 2-section


thumbnail of SA1100 Brochure 3-section
Brochure, 3-section


thumbnail of SA1100 Specs 3-section
Specs, 3-section, Metric

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