Sumitomo SA1200

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When all terrain crane has became a mainstream in Europe in the 1980s, Sumitomo has foresee that there will be an increasing market for all terrain crane for Japanese domestic market and hence jointly developed the Italian CVS and carrier. The SA1200 was the fifth all terrain crane model developed by Sumitomo, after the launching of SA1100 in 1990.

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The 120 tonnes capacity class all terrain crane is mounted on Italian CVS FM4310 chassis with a 5 section, 8-sided box-shaped boom with maximum boom length of 47.0m. The crane can be equipped with an optional 3 section telescoping tilt jib with a maximum length of 21.8 metres and capable of having a maximum lifting height of 69 metres.



thumbnail of SA1200 catalog ja
Catalog, JA
thumbnail of SA1200 spec mt ja-1
Spec in Metric, JA
thumbnail of SA1200 spec mt ja
Spec in Metric, JA
thumbnail of SA1200 spec mt en
Spec in Metric, EN

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