Kato KA3000

Kato has launched the 300-ton capacity KA3000 in February 2001. The crane is mounted on a six-axle Nissan carrier and has a maximum driving speed of 60km/h. KA3000 has a maximum lifting capacity of 300 ton at 2.5 metres. The crane comes with a 50 metres main boom.

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The crane can be fitted with two different jib type. First is a four-section telescoping luffing jib that can be extended from 10 to 31 metres and offset between 5 to 60 degrees. It has the capability to lift 24 tonnes at 22 metres, 12 tonnes at 36 metres and 1.8 tonnes at 66 metres.

Secondly, it also comes with an optional heavy-lift jib attachment, with lengths of 13, 22, 31, 40, 47 and 54 metres, which can also be offset between 10 to 60 degrees. The crane can lift 84 tonnes at 9 metres, 54 tonnes at 14 metres, 12 tonnes at 48 metres, 9.3 tonnes at 28 metres and 1.7 tonnes at 85 metres. The maximum lifting height for the heavy-lift jib is 106.9 metres.

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