The XCA1600 is the world’s first wheeled crane capable of installing impellers at the height of 140 meters. The assembled impeller had a diameter of 141 meters and weighed nearly 90 tons; the crane lifted and docked the impeller in only 40 minutes while engineers spent another 90 minutes to fasten all 80 bolts.

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China has the greatest number of wind farm installations. The 1,600-ton all-terrain crane, designed for projects at height has not only overcome many construction challenges with world-leading technology and strong quality, but it has also now made its name with this new record-breaking project complete as China leading crane technology and quality,” said Jianzhong Sun, VP of XCMG and the GM of XCMG Crane Business Division.

XCMG’s 1,600-ton all-terrain crane has the following highlights:

  • Lightweight: worldwide, the XCA1600 is the smallest 1,600 tonnage crane in size with the most considerable hoisting capability and most robust functions.
  • Full coverage: it covers all wind power construction scenarios with a seven-section main boom reaching 92.4 meters. With its innovative self-folding wind power boom of 27.5 to 51.5 meters, it can easily lift 95 tons when expanded to 140 meters of height.
  • Intelligent control: the XCA1600 can analyze the best program for different tasks to guarantee accurate positioning while lifting objects of up to 100-tonnes

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