Kato KR50H-F (SL500Rf)

While Kobelco has stopped production for rough terrain crane in Japan and Tadano dominating the Asia market with their latest model, GR500EXL. Kato tries to recapture the market with its latest model – SL-500Rf.

Production of the crane for the domestic market to start in July 2016.

The SL-500Rf has an overall width of 2.75 meters and is allowed to be driven on Japanese roads. With a boom length of 40 metres, the rough terrain can work with weights of up to 50 ton across a 37m radius. This model is used for pick and carry operations and for off-road and rough terrain applications. Equipped with 4-wheel drive, the cranes are able to move over rough ground better than trucks fitted with lifting gears.

thumbnail of SL-500Rf cata ja v2016

*Crane Specifications, Load Charts, and Crane Manuals are for reference only. Contact the crane manufacturer for manuals to operate the crane properly.

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Product Description

Rolls-Royce MTU Engine for SL-500Rf

Kato has partnered with Rolls-Royce to use the 6R1000 engines – a 6 cylinder inline Series 1000 engine delivering 254 kW for SL-500Rf. It is equipped with a Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) unit to meet the new Japanese (Heisei 26) emission level standard, which came in force in 2016.

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