Modest Growth In North America’s Crane Market

20210617 act 100 north america

As KHL releases the latest American Cranes & Transport’s 2021 (ACT 100), we see that North America’s top crane companies have small growth despite challenges due to COVID-19 pandemic. The top 100 companies added 103,738 tons for a total index of 2,881,935, a lower 3.59% growth compared to ACT 100 an year earlier with 5.74% … Read more

Lampson lifts concrete beams for Duportail Bridge

Lampson International Transi-Lift LTL-1000 at Duportail Bridge.

Lampson partnered with Apollo Inc. to plan and execute the lift and placement of the Duportail Bridge spans. The Lampson Transi-Lift LTL-1000 with 380 feet boom and 1,600 kips of counterweight were utilized for the project. The project is part of the S$16 billion, gas tax-support infrastructure program that helps key Tri-City projects, Richland’s Duportail … Read more