Crawler crane collapse at AdventHealth Orlando

20211012 crane collapse adventhealth orlando

On the 12th of October, a crawler crane fell onto a 10-story AdventHealth parking garage under construction, injuring one person. The incident happened near East Smith Street and Princeton Street. Orlando fire officials said the victim, described as a worker, suffered traumatic injuries from debris and was taken to Orlando Regional Medical Center in stable … Read more

Truck Crane Killed Motorist In Traffic Accident In China

crane accident truck crane guangxi

On the morning of 23rd September, a fatal traffic accident occurred at the road intersection in Liuzhou Coty, Guangxi, China. A truck crane that was turning right hit an electric bike that was waiting at the traffic light, dragging the female motorist and the bike 2-3 metres before the crane stopped. The accident happened at … Read more

8 Worse Crane Accidents You Should Know In July/August 2021

sacramento california grove gmk7550 crane collapse 3

1. Fatal Crane Accident in Canada 3rd July 2021 – A man has died due to a crane collapsed involving a crane on the site in Barrie, Ontario, Canada. The man, Corey Philips, 52, was declared dead at the scene. RIP. He was an employee of North Steel and was working under the main contractor … Read more

Wagenborg lifts sunken vessel in Weser River

0819 wagenborg 3 c 0 h 720bild

On the 15th August, the Polish inland, motor freight vessel, West Oder 1, collided with the Dutch inland vessel Timbo in the Weser river near Nienburg, Germany. Unfortunately, the Polish vessel subsequently sank. Wagenborg was called on to salvage the sunken vessel. The divers inspected the underwater hull of the West Oder early in the … Read more

Five Crane-related fatalities in India

11 gwalior 8c1fc5b9

There were two fatal lifting activities reported last week news came in over last weekend of two fatal lifting related incidents in India. Fire Truck Collapsed at Madhya Pradesh The first incident occurred on Saturday in Gwalior, south of Agra, in Madhya Pradesh. Three employees of the Gwalior municipal corporation died, and one was seriously … Read more

Typhoon Fireworks Drops Six Cranes Into The Sea

210810 crane droop into sea indonesia

A cargo ship carrying hoisting equipment heading for Indonesia encountered a typhoon “fireworks” at sea. Strong winds and huge waves caused the hull to be unstable and sway from side to side. Subsequently, the six units of 80-tonne telescopic crawler cranes on the deck fell into the sea because of uneven force. In addition, some boxes with accessories … Read more

Brand new truck crane collapsed while erecting tower crane

210728 xcmg qy25k5d collapse tower crane 1

We have received an information that on the 24th June last month, a brand new hydraulic truck crane has collapsed while erecting a tower crane in China. The new 25-tonne hydraulic truck crane XCMG QY25K5D has just obtained its license and the operator drove the crane straight to the job site for its maiden work … Read more

Crane operator killed as rough terrain overturned in Tokushima, Japan

210720 crane accident man killed in tokushima japan

Around 1 pm on the 5th of July, a rough terrain crane overturned in Yoshinogawa City, on a village road in Sanagochi Murakami.  The crane operator was taken to a hospital in Tokushima City but was confirmed dead about an hour later. Causes of death include head injuries. According to the Tokushima Central Police Station, the … Read more

Devastating Tower Crane Collapsed In Kelowna, Canada. Five Killed.

20210714 kelowa tower crane collapse

The tower crane collapsed in downtown Kelowna, British Columbia on 12th July, killing five and injuring others at the job site. Kelowna is located near Okanagan Lake, about 240 miles west of Vancouver and about 90 miles north of the Canada/U.S. border. Evacuations were ordered in a 250-foot radius of the crane. As the crane … Read more

Fatal crane accident in Canada

20210703 fatal crane accident canada

A man has died following an incident involving a crane on a site in Barrie, Ontario, Canada. The incident occurred on Thursday at a building site in the town, which is due north of Toronto. According to police and fire officials the crane “collapsed”, but other information we have received suggests that it involved the … Read more

Liebherr crane boom dropped across canal in Belgium

20210628 liebherr crawler collapsed belgium steelworks 2

Last Sunday, a Liebherr LR1400/2 owned by crane rental company Jean Boutique was lifting an old structure of a decommissioned steelworks in Charleroi, Belgium when the crane boom dropped suddenly. The 400-tonne crawler crane was lifting a large conveyor bridge that was running across the canal originally used to transfer material over to the other … Read more

Tandem Lifting Gone Wrong in Michigan

20210617 telehandler accident michigan

Two telehandlers overturned in Traverse City, Michigan, on Monday, while carrying out a tandem lift. The SkyTrak telehandlers were apparently lifting a barge between them using canvas strap type slings looped around the boom. They were lowering it into the river when one of them lost stability, tipping forward and passing the bulk of the … Read more

The distressing reality of South Korea’s surging Crane Accidents

20210615 south korea tower crane accident

Tower crane accidents are the most common accidents at construction sites in South Korea which contribute to a whopping 47 cases in the last three years. In 2021 alone, three cases has been reported till date. According to statistics from various sources, 33 out of the 47 tower cranes accidents occurred when the crane is … Read more

Roughter collapsed forward, killing one in South Korea

20210615 korea roughter collapsed

A 25-tonne roughter working at a factory building in Yongdu-ri, Gongdo-eup, Anseong-si, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea has tipped forward on 24th May at 2.30pm in the afternoon. killing one worker in his 60s. The another four workers has suffered broken legs, fingers and forehead while the crane operator suffered a chest injury. It was believed that … Read more

Fatal Self-erecting Crane Overturned Accident in Germany

20210615 crane overturned germany gottingen

A fatal crane accident happened on the 12th June (Saturday) in Göttingen, Germany when a self-erecting collapsed, killing one construction worker and leaving another in serious injury. The self-erecting crane was being used to build small apartment block in the Esebeck district when it smashed the ceiling and the construction workers fell and buried in … Read more

Sarens LTM11000D overturned in Middlesbrough Port

20210612 sarens ltm11000d accident uk

Sarens 1,000-tonne Liebherr LTM11000D overturned on 9th June at the Port of Middlesbrough in UK, damaging another of Sarens all-terrain crane and port’s Gottwald mobile harbour cranes. The main boom of the LTM11000D crashes down onto the cabin of the all terrain crane while the derrick mast crashed into the harbour mobile crane. Port operator … Read more

Sarens assists Liebherr on demised HLC 295000 crane recovery

20210415 sarens liebherr rostock hlc295000 recovery

The Liebherr heavy lift crane series (HLC) was specially designed for the installation of offshore wind turbines as well as the dismantling of offshore installations in the oil and gas industry. Unfortunately, the HLC 295000 was severely damaged following an accident in the Port of Rostock. Liebherr has contracted Sarens to carry out the salvaging … Read more

11 Worse Crane Accidents You Should Know In January/February 2021

roughter collapsed in wakayama

2021 has been a new year and all countries are getting recovery from the economy. As the crane industry gets busy, there are more accidents happening around the world. We will cover them here today. 1. Unstable tower crane at Atlanta, Georgia 19th Feb 2021 – A Terex hammerhead tower crane was to be dismantled … Read more

Crawler collapse in Fukuoka

Fukuoka Crane Accident 2020 2

It was reported by various Japanese media that a crane accident has happened in Fukuoka on 12th September during noon time. The crane operator has succumbed to his injuries and was pronounced dead three days later in the hospital due to severe head injuries. The incident happened at Daimyo Korechi, Daimyo 2-chome, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka where … Read more

Liebherr ruled out design or production error on HLC 295000

20210507 liebherr hlc295000 rostock crane accident

The offshore crane HLC 295000 has suffered a major setback when a serious accident occurred during a overload test, resulting in two injured persons having to be taken to hospital for treatment. A further ten persons were treated by paramedics on site. “At this point we wish the injured persons all the best and hope … Read more

Gigantic Liebherr HLC 295000 collapsed during load testing

Offshore heavy lift wind installation vessel Orion’s new 5,000 tonne Liebherr crane collapsed during load testing on Saturday 2 May. Two people were hospitalised and 10 were treated on site for minor injuries in the incident. It happened at the port of Rostock on Germany’s Baltic coast where the vessel is moored. Video footage of … Read more