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Crane Driver Charged Following Collision with Kindergarten Bus in Japan

crane operator charged in japan for kindegarten bus incident

In January this year, a crane vehicle collided with a kindergarten bus on a prefectural road in Oita City, resulting in minor injuries to ten individuals, including children. The police have charged the crane driver with negligent driving causing injury, citing his failure to properly watch the road ahead as the cause of the accident.

The charged individual is a man in his forties, residing in Kumamoto City.

According to investigators, on January 17th, while driving the crane on a prefectural road in Shimoge Minami, Oita City, the driver crashed into the stationary kindergarten bus that was stopped to drop off children, causing minor injuries to ten people on board.

The accident occurred on a two-lane road per side, and following the incident, the driver told NHK in an interview, “I applied the brakes, but the vehicle is heavy, and I think the braking was delayed. I did not expect the bus to be stopped.”

After a thorough investigation of the circumstances at the time, the police concluded that the driver’s lack of attention to the road ahead contributed to the accident and proceeded with the charges by the 29th of the month.

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