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9 Top Largest Mobile Crane In The World

Top Largest Mobile Crane In The World

In the realm of heavy lifting and construction, the evolution of mobile cranes stands as a cornerstone of industrial advancement and operational efficiency. Today’s largest mobile cranes are not merely equipment; they are the culmination of decades of engineering innovation, sophisticated design, and technological integration, serving as pivotal assets in the execution of complex projects that shape our infrastructure and skyline.

These leviathans of the lifting world embody the intersection of power, precision, and agility, setting new benchmarks for capacity and versatility across a multitude of challenging environments. As we delve into the profiles of the world’s largest mobile cranes, we uncover the engineering marvels that drive progress in construction, renewable energy, and beyond, reflecting the industry’s unyielding pursuit of excellence and its pivotal role in advancing modern civilization.

#1 – XCMG XCA2600 (2,600 ton)

On October 10, 2022, XCMG, a renowned heavy machinery manufacturer, achieved a groundbreaking milestone in the mobile crane industry. The XCA2600, a 2,600-tonne capacity wheeled mobile crane boasting a telescopic boom, emerged from rigorous testing to claim the title of the largest all-terrain crane in the world. This behemoth crane, with a colossal maximum load moment rating of 5,372 tonne-metres and an unprecedented lifting height of 160 meters, surpasses its competitors by a significant 20 percent margin.

In addition, the model is also claimed to be the world’s first crane to be equipped with a 10-axle chassis, and it can be interchanged with the XCC2600, the world’s largest tonnage telescopic boom crawler crane. The XCA2600 body is 50-cm shorter than the industry average, while the minimum ground clearance is 200mm higher, allowing for better operational flexibility.

More information about this crane here.

#2 – Zoomlion ZAT24000H (2,400 ton)

Zoomlion ZAT24000H mobile crane

The ZAT24000H all-terrain crane, developed by Zoomlion, represents a pinnacle of innovation in crane technology, setting new benchmarks for capacity and height. This crane, the result of intense research and development efforts, showcases significant advancements in the field, particularly in the design and manufacturing of its boom system. With a record-breaking lift capacity of 2400 tons and a maximum height of 175 meters, the ZAT24000H has revolutionized the construction industry, particularly in the erection of new energy projects.

Zoomlion’s breakthrough in key technologies has enabled the creation of a crane that combines an extensive reach of 175 meters with the ability to lift 175 tons, equivalent to hoisting 117 small cars to the height of a 60-story building in one go. Since its introduction in June 2022, the crane has played a crucial role in several major wind power construction projects across China, contributing significantly to the country’s new energy sector.

This groundbreaking crane not only holds the world record for the largest tonnage all-terrain crane but also emphasizes Zoomlion’s commitment to innovation, efficiency, and safety in heavy lifting technology. The ZAT24000H has demonstrated its prowess in numerous projects, earning accolades for its performance, operational efficiency, and versatility in challenging construction environments.

More information about this crane here.

#3 – Zoomlion ZAT18000H (1,800 ton)

zat18000h windmill liaoning 4

The introduction of this mobile crane in October 2020 has swiftly addressed a previous technological gap in China’s all-terrain crane capabilities. The ZAT18000H not only enhances Zoomlion’s presence in the global market but also marks a significant milestone in China’s advancement in the heavy lifting and construction equipment industry.

With its main boom and auxiliary boom reaching a combined maximum lifting height of 155 meters, the ZAT18000H claims the title of the world’s tallest all-terrain crane, surpassing all other cranes in its class. (Back then). This capability makes the ZAT18000H the only all-terrain crane on the market capable of performing lifts at the 140-meter level, meeting the demanding height requirements for modern construction and wind turbine installation.

In terms of terrain adaptability, a crucial factor in the all-terrain crane segment, the ZAT18000H is unrivaled. Powered by its robust 6+2 wheel drive, it boasts the ability to ascend slopes as steep as 58 degrees, ensuring accessibility to challenging construction sites. Even under heavy loads, the crane can tackle inclines of 24 degrees, showcasing its superior climbing performance.

More information about this crane here.

#4 – Sany SAC18000T (1,800 ton)

sany sac18000t atc

The Sany SAC18000T mobile crane, with a formidable 1,800-ton capacity, is engineered specifically for wind turbine installation. It’s designed to cater to turbines up to 140m, ensuring over 20% safety margin. This efficiency translates to a substantial time-saving of 4.2 hours per turbine installation. Its lifting capabilities range impressively from 190t at 100m height to 140t at 140m. Featuring dual winch configuration for lifting heavy loads to great heights without rope entanglement, it includes wireless inclinometers and a heavy lift hook with ±0.5° precision. Launched in 2022, it incorporates comprehensive safety features like cylinder pin emergency drum, AI winch rope entanglement detection, and an emergency winch system, setting a new standard in the field.

More information about this crane here.

#5 – XCMG XCA5000 (1,600 ton)

XCMG XCA5000 All Terrain Crane
Front View of XCMG XCA5000 All Terrain Crane.

On the 30th of December, 2014, a landmark event in the realm of heavy lifting and renewable energy took place in Yunnan Province, China. The XCMG XCA5000, the world’s largest-tonnage all-terrain crane at that time, marked a pioneering moment by successfully lifting a 2MW wind turbine. This remarkable feat established the XCA5000 as the first 1,600-ton all-terrain crane to be deployed in construction globally, setting a new standard in the capabilities of wheeled cranes and illustrating XCMG’s leadership in the industry.

The XCA5000’s capacity to lift 3-3.6MW wind turbines up to 110 meters under the demanding conditions found in large chemical plants and major infrastructure projects is a testament to its superior design and performance. Over the years, XCMG has been dedicated to rigorous studies and tests to refine the hoisting operations for wind power plants. Their goal has been to perfect the installation process for the world’s leading 3.0MW wind turbines, a benchmark they’ve vigorously pursued with 20 verifications of working conditions conducted with the XCA5000 to date.

It has been crowned with the prestigious Golden Finger Award as one of the “Top 50 Products of the Year (2016)” in China’s construction machinery industry, stands as the epitome of excellence and innovation.

More information about this crane here.

#6 – Sany SAC16000S (1,600 ton)

sany sac16000s atc

The SAC16000S is a highly specialized soldier in the field of wind turbine installation, equipped with an 80.1-meter telescopic boom and an impressive 66-meter long jib. It is designed to meet the demanding requirements of erecting wind turbines with capacities of up to 4MW. In addition to its formidable physical capabilities, the SAC16000S integrates a comprehensive fault diagnosis system that allows for prompt detection and troubleshooting of operational issues, ensuring maximum uptime and reliability on the job site.

The crane also pioneers a constant pressure and flow auxiliary steering system, enhancing maneuverability and precision in positioning — crucial aspects when operating in the constrained spaces typical of wind farm sites. Furthermore, its intelligently lockable multi-mode oil and gas suspension system showcases the SAC16000S’s blend of brawn and brains. This advanced suspension technology ensures stability across varied terrain, which, when combined with its powerful lifting capacity and extended reach, makes the SAC16000S not just a powerhouse but also a highly adaptable and efficient machine for the dynamic demands of wind turbine installation projects.

The SAC16000S crane is engineered to cater to wind turbines ranging from 100m to 130m in height, ensuring it meets and surpasses the actual performance requirements with a safety margin exceeding 10%. This provision of extra capacity highlights the crane’s ability to operate under various conditions with an emphasis on safety and reliability.

More information about this crane here.

#7 – Liebherr LTM 11200-9.1 (1,200 ton)

Liebherr LTM 11200-9.1 displayed at Liebherr Customer Day 2015

Introduced at Bauma in Munich in 2007, the Liebherr LTM 11200-9.1 quickly captivated the industry, setting a benchmark as the most potent telescopic mobile crane available. Its 100-meter telescopic boom ranks among the longest globally, offering unparalleled flexibility across various applications. Beyond wind farm projects, its utility spans broad industry and infrastructure needs, significantly enhanced by the Y telescopic boom guying for heavy loads. The crane’s nine-axle structure and up to 126 meters lattice luffing jib extend its operational versatility, catering to needs requiring extensive reach and heavy lifting capabilities.

More information about this crane here.

#8 – Terex (Demag) AC 1000 (1,200 ton)

terex ac1000 9 atc

The Terex AC 1000 all-terrain crane, announced by Terex in July 2006 and showcased in Zweibrücken, Germany, represents a significant leap in the mobile crane industry. Despite development taking a couple of years longer than initially forecast, the AC 1000’s unveiling marked a monumental achievement in crane engineering and design, living up to the adage that “All good things come to those who wait.”

With a staggering 1,200-tonne capacity, the AC 1000 stands out as approximately 50% more potent than its predecessor, the 700-tonne capacity AC 700, making it a powerhouse in the realm of wheeled telescopic mobile cranes. The AC 1000’s design is especially tailored for the wind turbine erection and maintenance sector, potentially accounting for up to 50% of its operations. A notable feature is the optional SSL (sideways superlift) system, which significantly enhances its lifting capacity by up to 200%.

More information about this crane here.

#9 – Sany SAC12000 (1,200 ton)

sany sac12000 atc

On November 23, 2010, at the China International Construction Machinery Exhibition, XCMG’s QAY1200 and Sany’s SAC12000 made their debut simultaneously, challenging the monopoly held by the German Liebherr LTM11200-9.1 in the 1200-ton all-terrain crane market. This event not only marked the progress of China’s heavy lifting machinery manufacturing industry but also showcased the competitive presence of domestic companies in the global heavy crane market.

More information about this crane here.

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