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Sany SAC16000S

Developed in 2019, the SAC16000S is a highly specialized calibre in the field of wind turbine installation, equipped with an 80.1-meter telescopic boom and an impressive 66-meter long jib. It is designed to meet the demanding requirements of erecting wind turbines with capacities of up to 4MW. In addition to its formidable physical capabilities, the SAC16000S integrates a comprehensive fault diagnosis system that allows for prompt detection and troubleshooting of operational issues, ensuring maximum uptime and reliability on the job site.

The crane also pioneers a constant pressure and flow auxiliary steering system, enhancing maneuverability and precision in positioning — crucial aspects when operating in the constrained spaces typical of wind farm sites. Furthermore, its intelligently lockable multi-mode oil and gas suspension system showcases the SAC16000S’s blend of brawn and brains. This advanced suspension technology ensures stability across varied terrain, which, when combined with its powerful lifting capacity and extended reach, makes the SAC16000S not just a powerhouse but also a highly adaptable and efficient machine for the dynamic demands of wind turbine installation projects.

Sany SAC16000S All Terrain Crane


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Product Description

The SAC16000S, a 1600-ton mobile crane, is an exceptional piece of heavy-lifting equipment that amalgamates robust performance with advanced engineering to deliver top-tier operational efficiency. The crane’s operational features are meticulously designed to handle complex lifting tasks with finesse. Here’s a detailed look at its capabilities:

  • Counterweight: A substantial 240-ton counterweight provides the necessary balance and stability for lifting operations, ensuring safe and efficient handling of loads.
  • Max. Lifting Capacity: At a colossal 1600 tons, the lifting capacity of the SAC16000S places it among the elites of mobile cranes, capable of maneuvering and erecting massive structures with ease.
  • Max. Boom Length: The crane’s boom extends up to 104.1 meters, enabling it to reach impressive heights and depths for a variety of construction needs.
  • Max. Jib Length: It features a considerable fixed jib length of 66 meters, further enhancing its reach and versatility.
  • Max. Lifting Height: With a maximum lifting height of 146 meters, the SAC16000S is adept at tall construction tasks, such as assembling high-rise buildings or wind turbines.
  • Max. Lifting Moment: The maximum lifting moment of 32,400 kN·m illustrates the crane’s exceptional power in lifting heavy loads securely and steadily.
  • Traveling: Designed to operate outside of Europe and the USA, the SAC16000S adheres to varying international standards, with an engine meeting Stage Ⅳ (chassis) and Stage Ⅲ (superstructure) emission standards.
  • Max. Gradeability: The ability to tackle slopes with a 30% gradeability factor allows this mobile crane to work effectively in challenging terrain.
  • Max. Traveling Speed: On the move, the SAC16000S can reach a traveling speed of up to 75 km/h, enabling relatively swift relocation for a crane of its stature.
  • Wheel Formula: An 18 x 8 x 18 wheel formula provides the crane with a solid foundation and maneuverability, ensuring it can be positioned accurately and efficiently on job sites.

The SAC16000S crane is engineered to cater to wind turbines ranging from 100m to 130m in height, ensuring it meets and surpasses the actual performance requirements with a safety margin exceeding 10%. This provision of extra capacity highlights the crane’s ability to operate under various conditions with an emphasis on safety and reliability.

In its creation, the research and development team has conducted targeted product definitions, endowing the SAC16000S with a suite of innovative technologies that optimize its performance for the specific challenges posed by wind turbine installation. Among these technologies is the new variable mast technology, which provides enhanced adaptability and strength for lifting operations, allowing for precise control of the crane’s lifting mechanics under diverse working conditions.

Additionally, the SAC16000S incorporates a multi-pump, multi-circuit hydraulic system. This advanced system ensures efficient power distribution and fluid movement throughout the crane’s hydraulic network, resulting in smooth, simultaneous operations of various functions with reduced risk of system fatigue or failure.

An intelligent monitoring system is another key feature of this crane. It enables real-time tracking and assessment of the crane’s operations, offering operators comprehensive insights into the crane’s performance and the ability to anticipate and prevent potential issues before they occur. This integration of intelligent technology not only contributes to the crane’s operational efficacy but also reinforces safety protocols, ensuring a secure environment for both the machinery and the personnel involved in its operation.

Together, these innovations underscore the SAC16000S’s status as a highly specialized and technologically advanced tool in the wind turbine installation sector, reflecting a perfect marriage of strength and smart engineering.



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