Popular Potain MCT 135 added to the production line at the Pune factory

potain adds mct135 to pune factory thumbnail

The Potain MCT 135 tower crane was launched in 2021 and is built at the Manitowoc plant in Zhangjiagang, China After enjoying commercial success in many emerging markets, the crane will now also be built in Pune, India The units built in India will serve the growing demand in the local market for topless tower … Read more

New Grove TTS9000-2 truck crane brings all-wheel steering to nimble, lightweight carrier

new grove tts9000 2 truck crane brings all wheel steering to nimble lightweight carrier 1

New automated steering options enhance drivability on smaller, steeper roads and help users navigate tight turns with ease. The new model was developed through extensive user feedback using Manitowoc’s Voice of the Customer process. The new truck crane shares feature with the recently updated TMS9000-2, including more responsive handling and a new outrigger design. Manitowoc … Read more

Sany completes SCC52000TM static load test

sany scc52000tm crawler 3

Guangdong Thermal Power and Sany Heavy Industry have jointly developed the 3000-tonne crawler crane and successfully completed the static load test in Huzhou, Zhejiang as announced on 23rd April 2022 on the official website. The crane has been developed based on Sany 1,600-tonne crawler crane and 2,000-tonne crawler crane. Using the original basis of the … Read more

XCMG debut XCT80L6_2 Truck Crane

xcmg xct80l6 1

XCMG is looking to strengthen their mid-tonnage truck crane and has launched a new flagship 6-section XCT80L6_2 truck crane. It was developed based on the G1 generation technology platform, improved performance and machine intelligence. Through the technology improvement, the 80-tonne 4-axle measure just 15m in length and the 6-section main boom has a maximum length … Read more

LR 12500-1.0 added to Liebherr’s portfolio of large crawler cranes

liebherr lr12500 1 0 300dpi

HighPerformanceBoom – maximum lifting capacity using a wide lattice boom Smart solutions for the economical transport of crane components  Innovative slewing platform design   Liebherr has unveiled its latest crawler crane with the slogan “Game changer for tomorrow’s energy” – the LR 12500-1.0 with a capacity of 2,500 tonnes supplements the portfolio below the LR 13000. … Read more

Liebherr LTC 1050-3.1 mobile crane with electric power unit

liebherr ltc1050 electric 300dpi

Liebherr 50 tonne compact crane with additional electric power unit  Crane functions can be powered either by a combustion engine or an electric motor Full performance even in electric mode  The accelerating climate revolution demands drive concepts to be used in the construction industry which reduce emissions of greenhouse gases. To meet the needs of … Read more

Grove boosts telecrawler portfolio with the launch of mid-size GHC85  

20220405 grove ghc85 telescopic crawler debut

With a maximum rated capacity of 85 USt, the GHC85 is a versatile machine suitable for a wide range of applications and industries. The telescoping crawler crane offers 100% pick-and-carry capability across its 0.6°, 1.5°, and 4° load charts, providing best-in-class lifting performance. Its innovative undercarriage is hydraulically extendable, enabling three separate symmetrical and asymmetrical … Read more

Marchetti debut electric crawler cranes

11 marchetti sherpina cw2535 6c5f0bd8

Marchetti has launched two electric-powered versions of its 25 tonne CW25.35 Sherpina telescopic crawler crane, an all-electric battery-powered hybrid machine and a regular diesel crane with an AC mains electric powered motor. In the all-electric version, the hydraulics are powered by a 100kW AC permanent magnet electric motor fed by a large lithium iron phosphate … Read more

Wolffkran debut WOLFF 8076 Compact

220104 wolffkran debut wolff 8076 compact 8

According to the European Architectural Barometer, every third construction project in Europe uses prefabricated parts. A trend with significant implications for the tower crane industry calling for higher capacity cranes. WOLFFKRAN’s answer to this is its new WOLFF 8076 Compact. The latest member of the WOLFF pack has a maximum jib radius of 80 meters … Read more

Double World Record Breakthrough For XCMG! First XCA1800 and XCC2000 are delivered!

xcmg debut xca1800 xcc2000

In the past ten years, China’s wind power industry has developed rapidly and the installation capacity has also ranked first in the world. As the superpower country has announced their stance to reach peak carbon emissions before 2030 and carbon neutrality before 2060, wind power, as a clean energy source, still has huge development potential … Read more

Double Drive Hybrid Crane from XCMG – XCT25_EV Plug-In

211206 xcmg xct25 ev plug in

The Chinese manufacturer, XCMG, has announced that the world’s first truck crane with hybrid technology, XCMG XCT25_EV has become popular all over the world. Using the cutting-edge technology platform, the industry’s first mobile crane with hybrid technology can be powered by diesel engine and electricity, through their patented technology gearbox powertrain. The 25-tonne hybrid crane … Read more

Maeda unveiled the CC1485 mini crawler electric prototype

211127 maeda cc 1485 crawler crane side

Maeda has unveiled a fully electric six tonne CC1485 mini crawler crane prototype. The company partnered with Deutz to replace the CC1485’s diesel engine with a 360v/40kW lithium-ion battery pack. As with the standard model, the crane features an 18.5-metre boom and can be supplied with a five-metre hydraulic jib, a two-tonne searcher hook or … Read more

Engineered for the future, built on experience – Liebherr upgrades LTM 1110

liebherr ltm1110 5 2 300dpi

The LTM 1110-5.2 marks Liebherr’s launch of the 3rd generation of the LICCON crane control  system  The new driver’s cab has the very latest design, ergonomy and comfort features Zero wear manoeuvring with the ZF TraXon DynamicPerform gearbox   1 becomes 2 because of 3 – the Liebherr LTM 1110-5.1 mobile crane has become the  LTM … Read more

Sany Premiered World’s Largest Crawler – SCC45000A

211111 sany scc45000a debut 4

Chinese crane manufacturer claimed to have unveiled the largest crawler crane in the world with its 4,500-tonne SCC45000A. The 4,500-tonne monster has a maximum load moment of 98,000 tonne/metres in its twin-boom configuration. It features a 126.5 metre main boom plus a 15.5 to 48.5 metre fixed jib, while a 30.5 to 108.5 luffing jib … Read more

Zoomlion Makes World’s Largest Tower Crane That Can Lift The Equivalent of 300 Cars

211104 zoomlion w12000 450 debut 2

On the 25th of October, a ceremony was held at Zoomlion’s Changde tower crane smart factory to celebrate the rolling off of the world’s largest tower crane – W12000-450. According to Zoomlion, a Chinese manufacturer based in Changde, Hunan Province, construction projects are getting taller and wider, and parts are getting heavier, which is why … Read more

Potain’s leading MCT 385 topless crane gets an upgrade

Potain MCT 385

Potain is launching two new MCT 385A cranes; updates to the popular MCT 385, the first topless model from the company’s plant in Zhangjiagang, China The upgraded models boast a number of improvements in working height, lift capacity and load curve The newly engineered 75 m jib shows greatest improvement at longer jib lengths while … Read more

Grove presents two new five-axle all-terrain cranes at customer events in Wilhelmshaven

211029 grove gmk5120l debut

At 68.7 m, the Grove GMK5150XL offers a boom length that most 220 t capacity cranes cannot compete with; plus it has stronger load charts than its GMK5150L-1 sibling. The GMK5120L, as a new member of the Grove five-axle family, boosts the versatility of taxi cranes to new levels; the 120 t machine offers an … Read more

Manitowoc to exhibit latest Shuttlelift crane at The ARA Show

the ara show shuttlelift scd15

Manitowoc returns to The ARA Show, which will take place Oct. 17 – 20, 2021 in Las Vegas. Manitowoc will show its SCD15 carrydeck crane that features a redesigned, lighter platform, a larger cab with easy to operate proportional lever controls and full-color, graphical RCL. The crane boasts a compact footprint, long reach and hefty … Read more

Zoomlion to debut four new crane models

zoomlion debut four new models

Zoomlion is set to debut four new cranes between 100, 130 and 300 metric ton capacity class. There will be a new all-terrain crane model from each capacity and a 110 tonnes hydraulic truck crane. Although not much of the information has been released, good to know the general specification of these new cranes. ZAT3000A863 … Read more

Maeda debut second electric crane

maeda mc305cb 3 vertikal days 2021 1

Maeda has the prototype of its latest electric-powered spider crane with its 2.98 tonnes MC305CB-3 on the Kranlyft stand at Vertikal Days. Joining the MC285CB-3, electric powered version of MC285C-3 launched last year, the MC305CB-3 features a five-section main boom which can handle 790kg at a height of 12.5 metres and 260 at its maximum … Read more

Link-Belt launch 110-tonne truck crane – 120 | HT

11 lb 120ht front 001 2ab22824

Link-Belt will launch a new 120 US ton/110-tonne four-axle truck crane this autumn/fall with the introduction of the 120|HT. The all-new crane, which is expected to take over from the current HTC series HTC-86110, features an all-new air suspension system, which is said to provide an ultra-smooth top road speed of 62mph/100kph. The suspension and … Read more

Zoomlion debut ZRT851 rough terrain

20210903 zoomlion zrt851 debut

In order to further expand the market and explore the overseas markets, Zoomlion has launched a new off-road rough terrain crane ZRT851. The rough terrain crane combines the advantages of a truck crane and an all-terrain crane. It can both hoist and travel with loads and is suitable for lifting and hoisting operations in various complex … Read more

Tadano expands Flex Base system to the Demag AC 130-5

210828 flex base

Adding even more value to the Tadano crane line, the five-axle Demag AC 130-5 all-terrain crane now features the stepless variable outrigger system, Flex Base. This exclusive system offers more flexibility and a competitive edge when working in confined spaces by calculating crane capacity based on each outrigger’s extension point, rather than a fixed position. … Read more