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First Tower For Jinhai Avenue Bridge Completed

At 11:38 am on February 19th 2021, the floating crane vessel “Bridge Seagull”, with a lifting capacity of 3,600 tons, has successfully installed the 106 meters high steel main tower in a five hours operation. The 3000-ton steel tower was successfully hoisted to the nearly 50-meter-high pier steel beam. It was the first main tower

roughter collapsed in wakayama

Top 11 Crane Accidents in Jan/Feb 2021

2021 has been a new year and all countries are getting recovery from the economy. As the crane industry gets busy, there are more accidents happening around the world. We will cover them here today. 1. Unstable tower crane at Atlanta, Georgia 19th Feb 2021 – A Terex hammerhead tower crane was to be dismantled

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Sarens Installed Bridge At Albert Canal in Belgium

Time is tight for Sarens as their crew only had 12 hours to finish the job. In a matter of hours, Sarens successfully lifted the 1,500 ton railroad bridge using their CS1000 jacking towers, which has been built on the quayside, and installed it over the water. In late April of 2020, Sarens has deployed

Intermat Paris Cancelled

Intermat Paris 2021 cancelled

Intermat 2021 in Paris has been cancelled because of uncertainties caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. Organiser Comexposium said that ongoing public health concerns had made cancelling the event unavoidable. ”This difficult decision has today proven to be unavoidable in view of a public health environment that remains uncertain heading into the first half of 2021 and