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XCMG delivers XGC15000A crawler in batches again

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On the 24th of August, at the XCMG crawler crane manufacture plant, the launching ceremony of the strategic cooperation between XCMG Construction Machinery, Huaxia Financial Leasing (HXFL) and Beijing Shenda Technology and the delivery ceremony of the XGC15000A crawler crane was grandly held.

At the end of June, 20 units of XGC15000A crawler were sent to Xinjiang, and within two months, another large-scale batch delivery was completed, which fully reflects that XCMG’s 1,000-tonne crawler cranes have been highly recognized by the market with new products and new technologies.

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Several XGC15000A crawlers are delivered to different parts of China, heading for Henan, Gansu, Jilin and other locations, mainly to wind farms across the country.

Under the trend of accelerated technological iteration in the domestic wind turbine industry, hoisting equipment with broader application prospects is an important force to promote the healthy, long-term and sustainable development of the wind power industry.

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XCMG XGC15000A is the first wind power construction crane in the world that can achieve an installation height of 170 metres. It has various width boom conditions and is compatible with the large-scale installation requirements of wind turbines below 6.5MW. Once launched in 2021, it will be highly sought after by the industry. It plays a key supporting role in major construction projects and maintains an absolute leading position in the thousand-tonne market.

XCMG’s XGC15000A Sets New Wind Power Hoisting Record of Over 170 Metres High, Supports Low-Carbon Energy Construction.

XGC15000A’s longest wind power working condition combination is 172+12 metres; the folding superlift device can realize the stepless amplitude change of the super-lift balance weight; the super-lift balance weight separation device can realize the rapid switching of different balance weight usage. Diverse and efficient operation capabilities and solid hoisting performance give users the confidence to continue to obtain business returns.

Huaxia Financial Leasing is the mainstay of the domestic financial leasing industry, with strong assets and many years of successful capital operation experience.

Beijing Shenda Technology keenly seized the development opportunities of the wind power industry in 2019 and became a rising star in the wind power engineering industry. In May this year, with the strong blessing of XCMG equipment, it successfully completed the hoisting of the largest onshore wind turbine, which has a great reputation in the industry.

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