Tower Crane

utah framing job using potain 1

Utah framing job gets major boost from Potain

A nimble trio of Potain self-erecting cranes — an Igo T 99, an Igo T 85 A, and a Hup 40-30 — is expediting a commercial framing project in booming Salt Lake City. Adopting cutting-edge lifting equipment is the first step in transforming how a construction job is completed. The second step is having a

manitowoc in china launches largest potain topless tower crane the mct 1005 m50 01

Manitowoc in China launches largest Potain topless tower crane – the MCT 1005

Manitowoc has announced the launch of the Potain MCT 1005 M50, the largest topless tower crane to be manufactured at its Zhangjiagang facility in China. Designed for use in emerging markets and Southeast Asia, and boasting a huge 50 t capacity, the crane is available with a choice of three counterjib options that will further enhance

tower crane crashed into shopping mall in norway 1

A Tower crane crashed into a shopping mall in Norway

A construction crane crashed onto a shopping mall in central Norway on Friday (6th Jan 2023) amid strong winds, killing one person and injuring at least two others, police said. The winds likely caused the unmanned crane, which was at least 50 metres high to slam onto the mall in Melhus, which is south of

xcmg machinery sends second unit xgt15000 600s world s largest tower crane

XCMG delivers the second unit of XGT15000-600S for a mega bridge project

XCMG sent off the second unit of XGT15000-600S, the world’s largest tower crane jointly developed by XCMG and China Railway Major Bridge Engineering Co., Ltd. (MBEC), on December 8 from its smart manufacturing base in Xuzhou, China. It will serve in the construction project of Changtai Yangtze River Bridge, the world’s largest diamond-type cable-stayed bridge. The XGT15000-600S is a super