Wolffkran WOLFF 275 B

Wolffkran WOLFF 275 B is a 24-tonne luffing tower crane with a maximum jib length of 60m and a tip load of 2.1 tonnes.

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WOLFF 275 B | Metric | EN/DE

Product Description

Main Components

30 m basic jib. Extension up to 60 m in 5 m steps. Tower top with luffing gear. Slewing frame with slewing gear, electrical central lubrication and slipring system, operator’s cabin station with control cabinet. Counterjib with hoisting gear and counterweights.

Drive Technique

All drives frequency controlled squirrel cage motors, fully thermal protected. Hoisting winch Hw 2475 FU, hoisting gear with performance optimization and performance reduction option. Slewing gear with electrically operated weathervaning device. Automatic windforce compensation controls. Luffing winch.

Electrical Equipment

Multivoltage equipment for supplies from 380 V to 460 V at 50 / 60 cycles. Voltage monitoring, electronic safety crane controls with bus technology. Incremental absolute encoders for all operating movements. Electronic load measuring. Multilingual graphic display with touchscreen. Wind indicator and signal lights.

Safety Equipment

Electronic overload protection with WOLFFBoost. Increased load moment limitation due to automatic hoist speed reduction. Menu guided setting of overload protection system and of all limiters from operator’s cabin. Working space limiter. Anti-collision interface. WOLFFLink data transfer system, luffing gear with slack rope monitoring, switchable electronically controlled horizontal load path.

Tower Elements, Climbing Devices

Tower configuration of WOLFF system tower elements. WOLFF slug bolt connection. Detachable hydraulic WOLFF system climbing device KWH 20.6.1 or KWH 23 or inner climbing device KSH 20 SH or KSH (E) 23.

Undercarriage UW, Mobile Cross Frame KRF

WOLFF undercarriage UW can be used with a gauge from 6.0 up to 8.0 m or mobile cross frame KRF with 6.0 m to 10.0 m.

Cross Frame Elements KRE, Cross Frame KR

For stationary installation. Cross frame elements KRE can be converted to undercarriage UW. Cross frames KR can be converted to KRF.

Power Requirements and Hook Paths (Slewing part)

  • 133 kVA (Hw 2475 FU).
  • 700 m with one-fall operation
  • 350 m with two-fall operation


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