Yongmao STL1460C

Yongmao has displayed its 64-ton luffing STL1460C at Bauma China 2014, alongside with the 100-ton STT2200 flat top tower. The unit on show at Bauma China was sold to Tat Hong.

The luffing jib STL1460C also has a maximum of 70 m jib and the capacity at the end of it is 6.3 tonnes. Maximum free standing height with 70 m jib is 60 m. Diesel power, denoted by the “C” in the naming nomenclature, is a notable feature of this new model. Power is from a hydraulic power pack driven by a 360 kW Deutz engine.


  • Max. Lifting Capacity: 64 ton
  • Max. Jib Length: 70 m
  • Max. Tip Load: 6.3 ton
  • Max. Free Standing Height: 60 m
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Metric, EN

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