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Manitowoc replaces 999 with the MLC250

manitowoc new mlc250 replace 999

For more than 20 years the Manitowoc 999 ruled the 275-US ton crawler class. Manitowoc will extend the crane’s reign into the next generation with the introduction of the new MLC250.

“The improvements are designed to make operators and service technicians work more efficiently — and in greater comfort,” Manitowoc said. “Fleet owners benefit from the extra flexibility and cost savings offered by this crane as it shares parts with many of Manitowoc’s legacy and current models.”

Key specifications largely remain unchanged, with the new MLC250 using the same #82 boom sections that provide a max boom length of 290 ft (88.4 meters) and class-leading load charts. One key change is the switch to open-loop hydraulics, versus the closed-loop system on the 999. Now, every main function (aside from the swing) is powered by the same two main pumps, reducing parasitic load. With fewer pumps constantly requiring power, operators will see a more robust overall hydraulic performance, along with a faster engine starting in cold weather.

The car body counterweights now double as part of the upper deck and serve as a more stable walking platform, replacing the 999’s walkways that pivoted over the counterweights. The upper platform is easily reached via new steps mounted onto the undercarriage.

The crawler tracks are offered in standard 48-in shoe width and new optional 60-inch width for greater stability and reduced ground pressure. The crawler drive motor is relocated from the car body to the tumbler to provide better performance.

The 999’s EPIC system is replaced with the more user-friendly Manitowoc Crane Control System (CCS). The CCS features a full-color graphic display and dual-axis electronic joysticks that simplify the entire lifting process and is common with Manitowoc’s MLC range and Grove mobile hydraulic cranes.

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