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Zoomlion ZAT18000H Helps Erect Windmills on Black Soil

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Recently, at the Kangping 300MW Wind Power Project site of Liaoning Energy Holding Group, the Zoomlion ZAT18000H all-terrain crane successfully completed the lifting task of the wind turbine nacelle. The hub and blades of the wind turbine are next in line for installation.

With the coordination of all staff, the nacelle and auxiliary components, weighing 130 tons, were lifted off the ground by the ZAT18000H all-terrain crane and raised high into the air. The operator methodically carried out the lifting, boom extension, and turning operations. After more than 20 minutes, the nacelle was released from the hook and securely placed on top of the tower, over 110 meters above the ground.

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It is reported that the nacelle lifting task for the F06 wind turbine had been prepared for several days without finding a suitable opportunity for lifting. It was only during this period that the nacelle was finally installed.

The project’s responsible person mentioned that the plan’s objectives for February had already been exceeded. By installing a few more wind turbines, it is expected that by the end of March, the installed capacity will significantly surpass expectations, marking a successful start to the first quarter. Zoomlion cranes will continue to battle on the front lines of construction, safeguarding the project’s progress.

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The Kangping 300MW wind power project will install a total of 75 wind turbines, each with a capacity of 4 megawatts. So far, 48 turbines have been installed, with 37 of them already connected to the grid and generating electricity. Once fully operational, the project is expected to generate approximately 920 million kWh annually, contribute about 50 million yuan in taxes, and reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 790,000 tons.

More About Kangping 300MW Wind Power Project

The Kangping 300MW Wind Power Project spans five townships in Shenyang, Kangping, with an investment of about 1.78 billion yuan. Managed by the state-owned China Railway No. 4 Engineering Group Co., Ltd. (CREC4), it involves constructing 12 new 35kV collection circuits, 610 new iron towers, and extends over 203.77 kilometers. This is their first new energy project in Northeast China, marking a significant step into new energy development in county areas. Despite challenges like tight deadlines and difficult land requisitions, the project team’s expertise and proactive approach have earned high praise. Once operational, the project will significantly contribute to green, low-carbon development by providing power to nearly a million households, saving 790,000 tons of standard coal, and reducing CO2 emissions by approximately 2.133 million tons annually, boosting the local economy and the wind power industry.

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