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Crane Collapse at Ulsan Port Results in Fatalities and Raises Safety Concerns

crane collapsed in ulsan

On April 24th, a catastrophic incident occurred at the Jeongil Container Terminal in Onsan Port, Ulju-gun, Ulsan, where a large crane undergoing reinforcement work suddenly collapsed. The Ulsan Maritime Police Station reported that parts of the crane structure plunged into the sea during the collapse, which occurred precisely at 11:11 AM.

The disaster involved the crane toppling over and striking three mobile high-altitude cranes nearby, which were engaged in supporting operations. Tragically, two workers, identified only as Mr. A, aged in his 60s, and Mr. B, in his 50s, were in a basket of one of the mobile cranes and fell into the sea as the structures collided.

Rescue operations conducted by the Ulsan Coast Guard and fire services managed to retrieve the victims from the sea at 11:30 AM and 12:30 PM. Despite efforts to save them, both workers were declared deceased upon their arrival at the hospital.

Authorities noted that the crane, standing about 65 meters tall and weighing approximately 35 tons, was being reinforced at the time of its failure. The Ulsan Coast Guard has initiated a thorough investigation into the accident, targeting the site’s safety management officers and work supervisors. A comprehensive on-site inspection is planned in collaboration with various organizations, including the Ministry of Employment and Labor.

Further inquiries will focus on potential breaches of the Serious Disaster Punishment Act, as labor authorities scrutinize safety protocols and compliance at the site.

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