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Cambodian worker crushed by cement in crane accident

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On March 12th, in Nonthaburi, a tragic accident claimed the life of a 28-year-old Cambodian construction worker named Boonharn Cherm. While working at a condo construction site, Boonharn was fatally crushed by a load of cement bags that were meant to be lifted to an upper floor. Her husband, who worked with her, witnessed the distressing incident. The crane operator fled the scene, prompting an ongoing search by the authorities.

Boonharn Cherm, the worker, was pronounced deceased on the construction site’s ground floor, succumbing to severe injuries. A staff witness has reported that Boonharn was in the process of moving cement bags onto a pallet for crane transport to the fourth floor when the pallet became unstable and the bags fell, resulting in her fatal injuries. In the wake of the accident, the crane operator, also Cambodian, absconded from the location.

Kia Charoen, Boonharn’s husband and co-worker for the past four months, relayed the fateful events. He was on the fourth floor ready to unload the pallet when the bags tumbled down, leading to the catastrophic outcome, as per the Bangkok Post.

The search is currently underway for the crane operator, with law enforcement keen on making an arrest and determining the exact cause of the unfortunate event.

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