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Crane Collapse at Norwood Condo Causes Damage to Four Units, No Injuries Reported

crane collapse in norwood crushes roof

In a startling incident on the afternoon of March 15, a construction crane toppled over in Norwood, leading to significant damage to four condominium units. The collapse occurred at a condo building located on Bahama Drive around 12:30 p.m., during roof renovation works.

Local resident Debbie Lipton described the moment of the collapse as a sudden “boom” accompanied by a significant vibration. The impact of the falling crane, which crushed the roof of the building, left the neighborhood in shock. Kavita Patel, who resides just two doors down from the affected building, recounted rushing outside upon hearing the noise and feeling the vibration, only to find the crane lying amidst the debris.

Miraculously, no injuries were reported from the incident. Norwood Fire Captain Joseph Mawn confirmed that the crane operator, who was inside the cab at the time of the collapse, managed to escape unharmed. Additionally, the crane narrowly avoided causing further damage by missing several cars parked nearby.

The cause of the crane’s collapse is currently under investigation. The community remains shaken by the event, with residents like Lipton finding the situation “shocking.” The incident has sparked concerns about safety measures in construction zones, especially in residential areas.

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