11 Worse Crane Accidents You Should Know In January/February 2021

roughter collapsed in wakayama

2021 has been a new year and all countries are getting recovery from the economy. As the crane industry gets busy, there are more accidents happening around the world. We will cover them here today. 1. Unstable tower crane at Atlanta, Georgia 19th Feb 2021 – A Terex hammerhead tower crane was to be dismantled … Read more

National ENVI 690EU Boom Truck Crane (20 US tonnes / 18 tonnes)

US-based Scott Powerline and Utility Equipment has taken delivery of what National claimed is the world’s first environmentally friendly boom truck in 2006. The National ENVI 690EU is the only boom truck in the industry that runs on biodegradable diesel and uses vegetable-based  oil in its hydraulic system. It was a benefit for companies working … Read more

Terex Roadmaster 9000 Truck Crane (81 ton / 90 US ton)

The Roadmaster 9000 is configured for road transport in all 50 US states. Capable of heavy lifts of up to 81 tonnes (90 US tonnes) and equipped with a 50 metres (164.5 ft) boom and when combined with the optional jib, can bring the maximum lifting height to 74 metres (242.8 ft). In addition, the … Read more

Terex Crossover 6000 Boom Truck Crane (60 tonnes)

Texas-based Scott Macon Equipment tried out the new Crossover 6000 Boom Truck Crane. The Crossover 6000 was introduced in CONEXPO 2011 and later featured in ICUEE 2011. The 60 tonnes crane is designed with a roadable configuration and equipped with the same X-pattern outriggers as Terex’s new Roadmaster 9000 truck crane. The outrigger design lowers … Read more

Terex launched Crossover 8000 Boom Truck Crane in ConExpo 2014

Photo by Crane Hotline. Terex has launched the latest boom truck Crossover 8000 in Las Vegas CONEXPO in March 2014. The new crane comes with an 80 US ton (72.5 ton) capacity, the largest capacity boom truck available in North America presently. The superstructure features the previous Terex 780 truck crane with X-outriggers, mounted on … Read more