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Terex Roadmaster 9000 Truck Crane (81 ton / 90 US ton)

The Roadmaster 9000 is configured for road transport in all 50 US states. Capable of heavy lifts of up to 81 tonnes (90 US tonnes) and equipped with a 50 metres (164.5 ft) boom and when combined with the optional jib, can bring the maximum lifting height to 74 metres (242.8 ft). In addition, the operator and driver cab are designed for exceptional ergonomic working comfort

1st Roadmaster 9000 in US – New York-based crane company, Bay Crane placed order for the first unit of Roadmaster 9000 in 2011. Founded in 1939, the family-owned Bay Crane focuses on the needs for lifting solutions in New York and has become a leader in this area.

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Video of Roadmaster 9000 Truck Crane


  • Photo. Direct Industry.

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