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Swiss Crane Service Provider Welti Furrer Acquires Advanced Tadano AC 4.070-2 Crane

Tadano AC 4.070-2 All Terrain Crane for Welti Furrer

Swiss technical planner Amos Dubacher of Welti Furrer, a leading crane service provider, has praised the Tadano AC 4.070-2 for its exceptional qualities during its recent acquisition. “Tadano cranes are known for their unrivaled quality and the excellent service provided by the manufacturer is truly invaluable,” Dubacher remarked at the handover event with Tadano Sales Manager Michael Zieger at their Windisch premises.

The Tadano AC 4.070-2, equipped with an 8x4x8 drive and 14.00R25 tires, was selected for its optimal weight, enhanced gradeability, and maximum steering angle, making it ideal for the challenging conditions often faced on Swiss work sites. The crane features a 50-meter main boom along with a 16-meter main boom extension that can also function as an 8.5-meter-long single jib. This jib can be mechanically offset at angles of 20° or 40°, adding to the crane’s versatility.

Moreover, the AC 4.070-2 includes a comprehensive control system with radio remote control for all crane functions and the IC-1 Plus crane control system. The Flex Base outrigger system, which allows for variable outrigger extension, and a full suite of safety and assistance systems including a working area limiter, hook load and hoisting winch cameras, an optional blind spot camera, and the Tadano Surround View system further enhance its functionality.

A significant feature of the crane is its full 11.9-tonne counterweight, divided into five parts, which allows it to stay under a 12-tonne axle load limit for road travel. This mobility, combined with its compact design, ensures the AC 4.070-2 can navigate even the tightest construction sites.

Welti Furrer plans to deploy the AC 4.070-2 across Switzerland at its ten locations, particularly for tasks involving prefab wood component construction, prefab home assembly, and lightweight steel construction. The crane’s impressive 6.8-tonne line pull at winch H1 is expected to be crucial for these applications. Additionally, it will serve as a conventional taxi crane, a testament to its adaptability and robustness.

The AC 4.070-2 has already proven its capabilities in its first project, successfully managing loads up to 8 tonnes at a radius of 15 meters and 3.4 tonnes at a radius of 25 meters in the Schaffhausen area. This early success underscores its effectiveness and confirms its potential for future projects across a variety of industries in Switzerland.

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