National ENVI 690EU Boom Truck Crane (20 US tonnes / 18 tonnes)

US-based Scott Powerline and Utility Equipment has taken delivery of what National claimed is the world’s first environmentally friendly boom truck in 2006. The National ENVI 690EU is the only boom truck in the industry that runs on biodegradable diesel and uses vegetable-based  oil in its hydraulic system. It was a benefit for companies working … Read more

Terex Roadmaster 9000 Truck Crane (81 ton / 90 US ton)

The Roadmaster 9000 is configured for road transport in all 50 US states. Capable of heavy lifts of up to 81 tonnes (90 US tonnes) and equipped with a 50 metres (164.5 ft) boom and when combined with the optional jib, can bring the maximum lifting height to 74 metres (242.8 ft). In addition, the … Read more