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Tadano HK 40 for hall and steel construction company

20210920 grube steffien hk40

If a company wants to set itself apart from its competitors in terms of reliability and flexibility, it needs to be able to count on the right machines. This is precisely why Grube & Steffien Hallen- und Stahlbau GmbH chose the Tadano HK 40 as the first new crane in its fleet

Founded in 1993 as Grube & Scholübbers Stahlhallenbau GmbH, the company went on to change its name to Grube & Steffien Hallen- und Stahlbau GmbH in 2012 when Sven Steffien, son of the then managing partner Mr Grube, took over the shares. The family company specialises in steel halls and construction, although its range of services also includes manufacturing and installing roof and wall systems, as well as glazing for commercial and private buildings.

One of the special things about the 18-strong Grube & Steffien team is that they manufacture the steel elements themselves and offer a comprehensive service from planning to handing over the keys to the building if requested.

When it comes to delivering these services with the greatest possible customer satisfaction, flexibility and reliability are high on the list, so it’s hardly surprising that the company from Freiwalde opted for a Tadano HK 40 when the time came to purchase a new crane. “The crane can be put on the road with a 4-tonne counterweight without the need for a permit, and that’s precisely the kind of flexibility we need. We also had the HK 40 recommended to us by another respected crane company,” recalls Managing Director Sven Steffien. 

Reliable power whenever it’s needed

For Grube & Steffien’s typical assignments in Berlin and Brandenburg, the HK 40 comes with a strong boom that’s equipped for virtually any eventuality: With 4 tonnes of counterweight, the crane can still lift up to 7.6 tonnes with the boom at full extension (35.2 metres). These lifting capacities are more than adequate for everyday work in steel hall construction, such as lifting and positioning sectional steel frame constructions or facade or roof panels. 

But it was more than just the performance of the HK 40 that won the Freiwalde company over: “As companies go, we are on the small side, so a new crane is a huge purchase for us. That’s why we didn’t want to take any risks. The HK 40 is a proven model with well-engineered technology that is renowned for its reliability, and we need a crane that is both robust and stable. We haven’t come across any other manufacturer that can offer this like Tadano,” explains Sven Steffien. 

Like coming home

In addition to their robust technology, Tadano machines are also known for their intuitive operability. This is yet another factor that didn’t go unnoticed at Grube & Steffien: “Our employees immediately felt right at home in the cab. The cockpit is tidy, and everything is easy to understand and has its own place. You really do feel at home right away, which is all part of what makes working fun,” rounds up Sven Steffien. 

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