Truck Crane Killed Motorist In Traffic Accident In China

crane accident truck crane guangxi

On the morning of 23rd September, a fatal traffic accident occurred at the road intersection in Liuzhou Coty, Guangxi, China. A truck crane that was turning right hit an electric bike that was waiting at the traffic light, dragging the female motorist and the bike 2-3 metres before the crane stopped. The accident happened at … Read more

8 Worse Crane Accidents You Should Know In July/August 2021

sacramento california grove gmk7550 crane collapse 3

1. Fatal Crane Accident in Canada 3rd July 2021 – A man has died due to a crane collapsed involving a crane on the site in Barrie, Ontario, Canada. The man, Corey Philips, 52, was declared dead at the scene. RIP. He was an employee of North Steel and was working under the main contractor … Read more

Hoisting of the third steel tower of Jinhai Bridge is completed

210904 jinhai bridge third tower 1

The main tower of Pier 28 of the bridge is constructed by the China Railway Bridge Bureau and it is 17.6 meters long, 14 meters wide, 106.8 meters high, and weighs 2800 tonnes. The steel tower is manufactured in the plant in a horizontal position. The steel tower was then transported to the bridge location using … Read more

XGC28000 Assist Column Lifting In AGCC Plant

210904 agcc russia xgc28000 3

About two weeks ago, at the Russian AGCC ethylene project site, XCMG’s 2000-tonne crawler crane XGC28000 “partnered” with the 2500-tonne gantry hydraulic lifting system. The XGC28000 uses its main boom configuration and as a tailing crane, the first mega column was successfully installed in place, marking a milestone in the project. It is reported that … Read more

Shandong Peninsula South 4 first wind turbine completed

20210903 shandong peninsula south 4 wind turbine 3

On 19 August 2021, the Shandong Peninsula South 4 offshore wind power project successfully completed the overall hoisting of the first wind turbine. This marks the maiden hoisting of a completely assembled wind turbine for offshore wind power in the northern coastal area. This project has also set the record as the first 5.0MW and … Read more

Zoomlion debut ZRT851 rough terrain

20210903 zoomlion zrt851 debut

In order to further expand the market and explore the overseas markets, Zoomlion has launched a new off-road rough terrain crane ZRT851. The rough terrain crane combines the advantages of a truck crane and an all-terrain crane. It can both hoist and travel with loads and is suitable for lifting and hoisting operations in various complex … Read more

Typhoon Fireworks Drops Six Cranes Into The Sea

210810 crane droop into sea indonesia

A cargo ship carrying hoisting equipment heading for Indonesia encountered a typhoon “fireworks” at sea. Strong winds and huge waves caused the hull to be unstable and sway from side to side. Subsequently, the six units of 80-tonne telescopic crawler cranes on the deck fell into the sea because of uneven force. In addition, some boxes with accessories … Read more

First XCMG XGC11000A completes 6MW wind turbine installation milestone

210730 xgc11000a dongfang wind turbine 3

The project was conducted in June 2021 to install Dongfang DEW-D5.5S-172 onshore wind turbine. It was a 6MW with a tower height of 103 metres with a rotor diameter of 172 metres The 650-tonne crawler crane XGC11000A is configured with 108+12 metres wind configuration As the last wind blade joined onto the hub, the XCMG … Read more

Brand new truck crane collapsed while erecting tower crane

210728 xcmg qy25k5d collapse tower crane 1

We have received an information that on the 24th June last month, a brand new hydraulic truck crane has collapsed while erecting a tower crane in China. The new 25-tonne hydraulic truck crane XCMG QY25K5D has just obtained its license and the operator drove the crane straight to the job site for its maiden work … Read more

CNECC Set New Construction Record At Zhangzhou Nuclear Plant

210721 hualong one zhangzhou nuclear plant 3

On July 15, 2021, China Nuclear Engineering & Construction Corp (CNECC) has completed the hoisting of the first ring support beam module for the first Zhangzhou Nuclear Power Unit 1 for the Hualong One reactor. It is also the 15th nuclear construction project that CNECC has participated in. The hoisting total weight of the ring … Read more

New MCT 135 complements Potain topless tower crane lineup for Asia

210718 mct135 image

Two options are available, with either a 6 t or 8 t maximum capacity The MCT 135 meets growing customer demand for smaller topless cranes  Its compact, versatile design enables operation in close proximity to other cranes. Manitowoc’s facility in Zhangjiagang, China, is continuing to respond to customer demand for powerful yet compact and cost-effective … Read more

Cadeler partnered Cosco for two wind turbine installation vessels

0701 cadeler x class vessels

Cadeler has partnered with Cosco Shipping Heavy Industry for the construction of two wind turbine installation vessels. Oslo, Norway-listed Cadeler has signed a newbuild contract with Cosco Shipping Heavy Industry for the construction of two new X-class wind turbine installation vessels. Cadeler said the vessels are worth US$325.5 million each, up from a previously estimated … Read more

Duo 2,000-tonne Crawler Heavy Lift Chemical Reactor

20210621 duo 2000 tonne crawler reactor

Shaanxi Petroleum Chemical Engineering and Construction Co., Ltd (SPCECC) has reached a milestone on 17th June 2021 at the Yuneng Chemical plant turnaround project when they successfully hoisted down the reactor head for the modifications works. The chemical reactor, with 12 reactors nozzles attached was hoisted out using two units of 2,000-tonne crawler crane in … Read more

XCMG Delivers First XLC26000 and Research XTF600 Ring Crane

xcmg xlc26000 crawler handover

16th May 2021 – XCMG has successfully handed over the first XLC26000 crawler crane to Shanghai Tengfa Construction Company Engineering Co., Ltd at XCMG crawler crane production base. At the same time, both parties have announced the joint R&D for a new ring crane – XTF600. This marks another strategic cooperation between the two parties … Read more

XGC88000 Completes Mega Quench Tower Lift In Guangdong Petrochemical

xgc88000 guangdong quench tower lift

On the morning of 16th May, the construction site of the ethylene plant of the Guangdong Petrochemical Integrated Refining and Chemical Project reach a milestone in the project: Successful lifting of the quench tower with a height of 60.8m, maximum diameter of 12m and a total lifting weight of approximately 1,500 tonnes. The completion of … Read more

First Wind Turbine For Shandong Offshore Wind Power Project

shandong huaneng 1st turbine

On 9th May 2021 at 2 pm, Huaneng Shandong Peninsula South 4 offshore wind power project completed the installation of the first offshore wind turbine in Shandong province, marking a major milestone in the project. About Shandong Peninsula South No. 4 Offshore Wind Farm Huaneng Shandong Peninsula South No. 4 offshore wind power project is … Read more

XGC28000 Completed Last Lift at Ningbo Formosa Project

xcmg xgc28000 ningbo formosa

On the 9th May 2021, the Ningbo Formosa Plastics Chemical Propane Dehydrogenation Project (PDH) was completed after SinoPec’s 2000-ton crawler XCMG XGC28000 performed its last lift at the plant. The project was invested by Taiwan conglomerate, Formosa Plastics Corp in 2017 which plans to invest USD 800 million in Ningbo, Zhejiang province, China to produce … Read more

Jack-up Vessel Completes First Lift In Jieyang Shenquan Wind Power

zhenjiang vessel

As jack-up vessel “Zhenjiang” slowly lifted the accurately docking the 158m diameter wind blades the nacelle at an altitude of about 110m, the Jieyang Shenquan Offshore Wind Power Project successfully completed the installation of the first wind turbine, also marking its first lift after its comeback. The “Zhenjiang” jack-up installation vessel suffered a catastrophic accident … Read more

Zoomlion ZCC3200NP Lifts Largest Propylene Tower

zcc3200np shenghong

The Zoomlion ZCC3200NP has been working in one of the world-class petrochemical refinery – Shenghong Refining and Chemical Integration Project. It is one of China’s four major privately-owned refinery project, with a total planned output of 16 million tonnes per annual with an annual output value exceeding 90 billion yuan. (13.85 billion USD). On 6th … Read more

Hua Xiang Long Installs Turbines for China Three Gorges

0323 hua xiang long capture a

In the early hours of 7 March the Guangzhou Salvage Bureau heavy lift salvage and installation jack-up vessel, Hua Xiang Long installed the latest turbine in the China Three Gorges T7# Project bringing the total number of installed turbines to 30 since August last year, 22 5.5MW wind turbines and 8 6.45MW wind turbines. During … Read more

Duo Potain tower cranes deliver versatile performance in China

20210310 mct278 mct328 china projects

Construction equipment leasing company, Yigao Machinery, is using five Potain cranes to work on commercial and public infrastructure projects in Ningbo, China. The fleet consists of three MCT 278 and two MCT 328 tower cranes, all from Potain’s range of top-slewing cranes built specifically for the Chinese market. The MCT 278 cranes are working on … Read more

First Tower For Jinhai Avenue Bridge Completed

cranepedia zhuji city hoisting

At 11:38 am on February 19th 2021, the floating crane vessel “Bridge Seagull”, with a lifting capacity of 3,600 tons, has successfully installed the 106 meters high steel main tower in a five hours operation. The 3000-ton steel tower was successfully hoisted to the nearly 50-meter-high pier steel beam. It was the first main tower … Read more

11 Worse Crane Accidents You Should Know In January/February 2021

roughter collapsed in wakayama

2021 has been a new year and all countries are getting recovery from the economy. As the crane industry gets busy, there are more accidents happening around the world. We will cover them here today. 1. Unstable tower crane at Atlanta, Georgia 19th Feb 2021 – A Terex hammerhead tower crane was to be dismantled … Read more

Mammoet Completes 34,000t load-out in China

Mammoet Lingshui 17 2

Load-out of the first semi-submersible hull for the Ling Shui 17-2 gas field project has been successfully completed in southern China. This was also the first transverse hydraulic shoe load-out of this grade weight to be completed in the country, with a hull structure weighing at 34,000t. Mammoet’s extensive offshore expertise has seen it break … Read more

Logistics Plus assists build of FRSU

Logistics Plus Assists Build Of Frsu

Logistics Plus has assisted with the construction of floating storage and regasification unit (FSRU) in China. Three regasification modules were transported from the production facility to the shipyard in China. The largest module measured 20 m x 10.5 m x 14.5 m and weighed 425 tonnes. Logistics Plus noted that its global project manager Frederik Geirnaert, who … Read more

Zoomlion’s tower crane completes world’s longest road-rail cross-sea bridge

Photos of Zoomlion tower crane working on Pingtan bridge in China.

Over 35 units of tower cranes by Zoomlion has completed lifting operations for the Pingtan road-rail bridge project, the world’s longest road-rail cross-sea bridge. Zoomlion set a new benchmark in metocean engineering with customised machinery for what is described as the “world’s most difficult” bridge construction project. Zoomlion’s tower cranes were shortlisted by China Railway Major Bridge … Read more