Sany completes SCC52000TM static load test

sany scc52000tm crawler 3

Guangdong Thermal Power and Sany Heavy Industry have jointly developed the 3000-tonne crawler crane and successfully completed the static load test in Huzhou, Zhejiang as announced on 23rd April 2022 on the official website.

The crane has been developed based on Sany 1,600-tonne crawler crane and 2,000-tonne crawler crane. Using the original basis of the two cranes and retrofitting it with beam, front platform, cross-section arm and super lift counterweight tray, the crane was upgraded into a 3,000-tonne capacity class crawler.

It is understood that the 3,000-tonne crawler crane SCC52000TM is expected to be officially delivered off the assembly line on 28th April.

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