Sany completes SCC52000TM static load test

sany scc52000tm crawler 3

Guangdong Thermal Power and Sany Heavy Industry have jointly developed the 3000-tonne crawler crane and successfully completed the static load test in Huzhou, Zhejiang as announced on 23rd April 2022 on the official website. The crane has been developed based on Sany 1,600-tonne crawler crane and 2,000-tonne crawler crane. Using the original basis of the … Read more

Tutt Bryant Lifting Bridge with New Sany SCC8000A

0404 tutt bryant 7

Tutt Bryant Heavy Lift & Shift have introduced the most powerful crane permanently based on the east coast of Australia. Their brand new Sany SCC8000A: 800t capacity superlift crawler crane made its debut on the bridge lift assignment at Auchenflower train station in inner-city Brisbane. The lift involved the removal of a 221t pedestrian bridge … Read more

Sany and Palfinger end cross-shareholdings

220104 sany palfinger ends partnership

Austrian loader crane and aerial lift manufacturer Palfinger and Chinese crane and construction equipment manufacturer Sany have signed off on their agreement to hand back the shares that each of them has in the other company. This effectively ends the cross-ownership aspect of the joint ventures that the two companies signed in 2012. The cross-shareholding … Read more

JLG sues Sany and ex-employee

220104 jlg sue sany

Oshkosh/JLG has filed a lawsuit against ex-employee – McKenzie Ditty – and Sany America, alleging that one of its former senior project engineers may have provided the Chinese equipment manufacturer with confidential information on recently patented boom lift technology, which is intended for a new line of boom lifts the manufacturer is working on. JLG … Read more

Hareket Takes Delivery Of Sany SCC8000A

211223 sany sells scc8000a to turkey hareket

On November 23, 2021, the Sany Group and the Turkish lifting company Hareket Group held a grand delivery ceremony for the Sany SCC8000A crawler crane at its workshop in Izmir. Mr Ahmet Altunkum, Chairman of Hareket Group, Mr Abdullah Altunkum, Director, Mr Engin Kuzucu, General Manager and Mr Li Wei, Deputy General Manager of International … Read more

Sany SCC4000A Aids Bangladesh’s Azsalaam Power Plant

211125 sany scc4000a azsalaam power station 1

The Sany SCC4000A crawler crane was tasked to be the main crane for the lifting of the larges slab beam and the last piece of the beam of the Bangladesh Azsalaam 2×660MW coal-fired power station project was successfully hoisted in place recently. The smooth installation of the large slab beam marks another significant milestone of … Read more

Sany Premiered World’s Largest Crawler – SCC45000A

211111 sany scc45000a debut 4

Chinese crane manufacturer claimed to have unveiled the largest crawler crane in the world with its 4,500-tonne SCC45000A. The 4,500-tonne monster has a maximum load moment of 98,000 tonne/metres in its twin-boom configuration. It features a 126.5 metre main boom plus a 15.5 to 48.5 metre fixed jib, while a 30.5 to 108.5 luffing jib … Read more

Sany SCC8000A plays a key role in Indonesia’s Becakayu project

211028 sany scc8000a becakayu toll 2

On October 5th, a Sany SCC8000A crawler crane completed the installation for the first piece of girder above the main trunk road of JL. A. Yali in Bekasi, a city 40 kilometres (25 miles) from Indonesia’s capital of Jakarta. This was a major milestone marking good progress in one of Indonesia’s key national projects, the 20-km Becakayu Toll Road, which will connect the three cities of Bekasi, Cawang, and Kampung Melayu. The Sany SCC8000A crawler crane, with a 12 m superlift in HJDB working condition, has been undertaking the main hoisting work at … Read more

Sany SCC8000A launched TBM for Zhuhai Tunnel Project

211028 scc8000a zhuhai tbm project 4

In late July this year, Sany SCC8000A has been mobilised to the construction site of the Zhuhai Xingye Express Line Shield Tunnel Project to assist in the launching of the super-large-diameter T-ring shield into the shaft that is almost 10 stories depth, marking the official entry of TBM “Xingye” for the tunneling process. The tunnel … Read more

Sany debut SCC1300TB telescopic

The 130-tonne telescopic crawler roll-off from the production line in Huzhou Industrial Park this month. The telescopic crawler crane is developed by Sany’s own R&D team, according to the demand in the Southeast Asian market. It is by far the largest telescopic crawler crane manufactured by Sany as well. Sany’s R&D team has taken into … Read more

Sany SCC12000TM with a new twin-boom design

The SCC12000TM twin-boom design uses its conventional boom to forms the twin-boom configuration, reducing crane cost and provide better versability for more different work configurations. The tilting line reaches 9 metres, surpassing other models of the same capacity class. Earlier this year, Sany has rolled off from its production line the 800-tonne class SCC12000TM crawler … Read more

Sany display new emission cranes in BICES 2019

Sany booth at BICES 2019 in Beijing, China.

On 4th of September 2019, the 15th BICES exhibition goes on the way in Beijing, China and Sany have displayed 36 different products at their 2,800 m2 exhibition booth. The hoisting machinery division is one of the three core businesses in Sany and they have displayed some starred products like STC250T4, STC800T6 and SAC2200T. The … Read more

Sany SCC12000TM completes its first lift

Sany SCC12000TM carrying out its maiden lift in Yuanyang, lifting 127-tonne nacelle at 140 metres.

Many of the visitors did not manage to catch a glimpse of the new Sany SCC12000TM at Changsha International Construction Equipment Exhibition (CICEE) this year as the first unit of the 800-tonne crawler has already been delivered to Henan to accept its first challenge. On 14th May 2019, a 110-tonne component is required to be … Read more