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Sany SCC12000TM completes its first lift

Sany SCC12000TM carrying out its maiden lift in Yuanyang, lifting 127-tonne nacelle at 140 metres.

Many of the visitors did not manage to catch a glimpse of the new Sany SCC12000TM at Changsha International Construction Equipment Exhibition (CICEE) this year as the first unit of the 800-tonne crawler has already been delivered to Henan to accept its first challenge.

On 14th May 2019, a 110-tonne component is required to be lifted up 140 metres for installation at Yuanyang wind farm managed by Henan Pingmei Beikong Clean Energy. As there was no similar capacity crane available to fulfil the hoisting, the Yuanyang wind farm installation works have been put on hold for ten days.

The crane is configured with HJFJDB-9, which use 144 metres main boom, 12 metres fixed jib and superlift. The SCC12000TM uses 25 minutes to lift a total load of 127-tonne, including nacelle and lifting gears for installation, setting a new record for windmill lifting. In addition, to increase the efficiency, the rotor and 3 blades are assembled and lift together as well.

Accordingly, to the field staff, they have been using Sany cranes for the installation of the windmill and overcome many challenges, however as SCC12000TM is carrying out a maiden lift, they need to be more cautious.

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