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211028 sany scc8000a becakayu toll 2

Sany SCC8000A plays a key role in Indonesia’s Becakayu project

On October 5th, a Sany SCC8000A crawler crane completed the installation for the first piece of girder above the main trunk road of JL. A. Yali in Bekasi, a city 40 kilometres (25 miles) from Indonesia’s capital of Jakarta. This was a major milestone marking good progress in one of Indonesia’s key national projects, the 20-km Becakayu Toll Road, which will connect the three cities of Bekasi, Cawang, and Kampung Melayu. The Sany SCC8000A crawler crane, with a 12 m superlift in HJDB working condition, has been undertaking the main hoisting work at

Sany debut SCC1300TB telescopic

The 130-tonne telescopic crawler roll-off from the production line in Huzhou Industrial Park this month. The telescopic crawler crane is developed by Sany’s own R&D team, according to the demand in the Southeast Asian market. It is by far the largest telescopic crawler crane manufactured by Sany as well. Sany’s R&D team has taken into