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Sany debut SCC1300TB telescopic

The 130-tonne telescopic crawler roll-off from the production line in Huzhou Industrial Park this month. The telescopic crawler crane is developed by Sany’s own R&D team, according to the demand in the Southeast Asian market. It is by far the largest telescopic crawler crane manufactured by Sany as well.

Sany’s R&D team has taken into consideration that Southeast Asia’s weather has high humidity as well as monsoon seasons, hence road conditions are not optimum for crane movement. While the customer is looking at underground facilities works, the city’s space is getting more constraints and does not have ample space to house a crane.

Unlike crawler crane, which the components are transported separately and assembled in the job site, the telescopic crawler is able to improve productivity and better cost savings for the customers. In addition, comparing to a mobile crane which requires a large space for its outriggers on crane parking, the SCC1300TB is able to provide a similar or better lifting capacity without the need for additional land preparation.

SCC1300TB has a lesser ground bearing pressure, compared with other similar capacity class telescopic crawler but still provides a strong lifting capacity in its class. It has a main boom of 60m, fixed jib of 10.7m to 18.1m and maximum lifting torque of 4800 kN.m. It has a single line pull of 10.5t.

Features of SCC1300TB

  • 50% better mobility than traditional crawler crane, even in raining seasons where road conditions are bad.
  • Lower costs for transportation of equipment since boom does not require to be dismantled and there is no need for a super lowbed for transportation.
  • Fast and stable hoisting speed
  • Equipped with intellectual devices such as intelligent monitoring, remote-controlled assisted installation, counterweight detection, etc.
  • Comfortable operator’s cab with a panoramic sunroof, 10.4″ touch screen, E-Pad key panel, integrated driving and hoisting joysticks.

The SCC1300TB can be used in conjunction with rotary drilling to perform reinforcement cage lifting, high-voltage tower installation and as an auxiliary crane for wind power lifting conditions

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