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Zoomlion displayed ZCC9800W CICEE 2019

Zoomlion displayed the ZCC9800W, one of the largest equipment in the Changsha International Construction Equipment Exhibition (CICEE) held on 16th May 2019. Standing at a height of 178m with its boom erected, it has attracted a lot of visitors to take a photo of the gigantic machine. The took delivery of ZCC9800W crawler after the exhibition.

Zoomlion 4.0 is an Intelligent Competitive Products is an initiative by Zoomlion to show through the integration of information, intelligent control, structural optimization, new materials, intelligent manufacturing and other advanced technologies of the company. A total of 9 categories, consist of 66 new products is released in the exhibition. The 800-tonne crawler, ZCC9800W, is one of the products being debut as well. It is made of China’s first ultra-long multi-variable boom combination, with a maximum length of 178 meters and a maximum lifting height of 180 meters, meeting the needs of lifting mainstream wind turbines with a height of 160m.

“ZCC9800W crawler crane has a maximum height of 178 meters, equivalent to the height of 60-storey building. It has outstanding technological advantages such as excellent lifting performance, superior handling performance, convenient disassembly and transportation, and intelligence and others.

Zoomlion Spokesman

As being compared with crawler cranes of similar capacity in the market, ZCC9800W is said to have surpassed the lifting performance in its own class. The ZCC9800W crawler can be used to lift 3MW wind turbine at 140m height or 2.0 – 2.5MW wind turbine at 160m height.

The crawler crane also has excellent control performance including superior micro-motion movement, precise positioning during hoisting, multiple movement mechanisms which aid in improving work efficiency. In addition, it is also equipped with an intelligent management and control service system to remotely monitor the work status, fault diagnosis, and prompt alarms for abnormalities. The system also has automatic maintenance reminders so that customers are able to schedule their preventive maintenance intervals, reducing the risk of equipment malfunction.

Zoomlion ZCC9800W Crawler Crane
Zoomlion ZCC9800W hoisting a wind turbine.

Zoomlion has taken into account the space constraints at the site which does not allow larger crawler cranes to manoeuvre easily. The ZCC9800W has been designed that the upper and lower structure can be disassembled, with the heaviest crane component weighing only at 40-tonnes, meeting the stringent regulations on-road transportation. The fully mechanized lightweight and modular design allows the ZCC9800W crawler to be erected for wind power configuration within 24 hours, reducing transportation time and improving erection convenient and efficiency.

Since its launch, the ZCC9800W crawler crane has completed several installations of wind turbines. This includes places like Shandong Yantai Wind Farm, Zhejiang Gaoyou Wind Farm, Hebei Nangong Wind Farm and Jiangsu Wind Farm. Among them, the ZCC9800W crawler crane has created a new milestone for successfully assembled Vestas’ first 152-meter-tall tower unit during its operation in Jiangsu, updating the records for the tower height in China’s wind power industry.

Zoomlion ZCC9800W handing over at CICEE 2019
Zoomlion handover ceremony of ZCC9800W at the exhibition.

They have won contract sales for the ZCC9800W during the exhibition and also some of its sister products like ZCC5200S, ZCC3000, ZCC1800 crawler cranes, ZAT8000V753, ZAT4000V753, ZAT3000V753 all-terrain cranes, and batched truck cranes. The total orders are valued at RMB 1.5 billion.

Zoomlion is known to be one of the earliest high-end equipment manufacturers that have the comprehensive R&D and manufacturing capacity for upper structure and chassis of a truck crane, with strong R&D strength and leading technological advantage in the crane field. Zoomlion took a lead in breaking through the industry’s technologies, developing a series of world-class star products, such as the world’s largest 2,000-tonne wheeled crane QAY2000 and also the 3,200-tonne crawler crane, ZCC3200NP.

Zoomlion ZCC9800W CICEE 2019
ZCC9800W displayed during the CICEE 2019

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