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Zoomlion ZCC9800W breaks wind power lifting record

Zoomlion ZCC9800W crawler lifting the hub

Zoomlion ZCC9800W crawler crane lifted the first Vestas’ V120, a 2.2MW wind turbine to a hub height of 152 in Yangzhou, Jiangsu, creating a new height record in China’s wind power industry.

The wind farm project in Yangzhou, Jiangsu will have a total capacity of 100 MW when 46 units of 2.2 MW capacity wind turbines are installed and fully operational. Commonly, China’s domestic industry have turbine column up to 120m, While this particular wind farm has challenged a new height of 152m. This will helps the wind farm to generate 16% more power annually, significantly improving the wind energy utilization and project benefits.

Zoomlion ZCC9800W Crawler Crane
Zoomlion ZCC9800W lifting wind turbine at Yangzhou, Jiangsu.

The project site is surrounded by farmland, rivers and ponds which increase the complexity in the transportation of the wind turbine components as well as the crawler crane needed to erect the wind turbine. The ZCC9800W’s advantage is being used here as the maximum transportation weight of its single components is only 40-tonnes which is within the limit of the road transport regulations.

The 800-tonne ZCC9800W crawler has ben configured with a 159m main boom with guyed system and 7m wind power jib. Its give the crawler a strong lifting capacity of 110-tonnes at a maximum height of 165.2m. The towers are being lifted, followed by the hubs and blades.

Since it’s launched in November 2018, Zoomlion ZCC9800W has installed numerous wind turbines domestically in Shandong Yantai Wind Farm, Zhejiang Gaoyou Wind Farm and Hebei Nangong Wind Farm.

As the world’s largest economy is looking towards renewable and cleaner energy in the country, wind energy has been an important sector that has been growing rapidly throughout the years. While wind turbines manufacturers are looking for more innovative tower technology and improvement construction process to increase the efficiency of wind energy, equipment manufacturer like Zoomlion are also working constantly to devote in its product R&D to catch up with the trend.

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