Hack picks up Tadano AC 3.045-1 City with E-Pack

ac 3 045 1 city hack 2

Werner and Udo Hack, the owners of Neuwied-based Hack Schwerlastservice, will tell you that the Tadano AC 3.045-1 is flat out the best crane for indoor jobs: “Right now, we have two AC 40 City cranes and one AC 30 City hard at work, and that’s exactly how we know that their performance characteristics are … Read more

Liebherr LTC 1050-3.1 mobile crane with electric power unit

liebherr ltc1050 electric 300dpi

Liebherr 50 tonne compact crane with additional electric power unit  Crane functions can be powered either by a combustion engine or an electric motor Full performance even in electric mode  The accelerating climate revolution demands drive concepts to be used in the construction industry which reduce emissions of greenhouse gases. To meet the needs of … Read more

Marchetti debut electric crawler cranes

11 marchetti sherpina cw2535 6c5f0bd8

Marchetti has launched two electric-powered versions of its 25 tonne CW25.35 Sherpina telescopic crawler crane, an all-electric battery-powered hybrid machine and a regular diesel crane with an AC mains electric powered motor. In the all-electric version, the hydraulics are powered by a 100kW AC permanent magnet electric motor fed by a large lithium iron phosphate … Read more

Konecranes provides 17 Automated RTGs for Felixstowe Port

20220205 konecranes automated artgs felixstowe port

The Port of Felixstowe (Felixstowe), operated by Hutchison Ports, has ordered 17 Automated Rubber-Tired Gantry Cranes (ARTGs) from Konecranes. The order was booked for Q4 2021. The ARTGs will be delivered and commissioned in a project covering 3 phases starting in Q2 2023. Completion and go-live are scheduled for Q4 2025. The new ARTGs will be fully … Read more

Double Drive Hybrid Crane from XCMG – XCT25_EV Plug-In

211206 xcmg xct25 ev plug in

The Chinese manufacturer, XCMG, has announced that the world’s first truck crane with hybrid technology, XCMG XCT25_EV has become popular all over the world. Using the cutting-edge technology platform, the industry’s first mobile crane with hybrid technology can be powered by diesel engine and electricity, through their patented technology gearbox powertrain. The 25-tonne hybrid crane … Read more

Maeda debut second electric crane

maeda mc305cb 3 vertikal days 2021 1

Maeda has the prototype of its latest electric-powered spider crane with its 2.98 tonnes MC305CB-3 on the Kranlyft stand at Vertikal Days. Joining the MC285CB-3, electric powered version of MC285C-3 launched last year, the MC305CB-3 features a five-section main boom which can handle 790kg at a height of 12.5 metres and 260 at its maximum … Read more

Select Receives First Liebherr LR1250.1 Unplugged in UK

20210410 liebherr electric lr1250 select hire

The first 250 tonne Liebherr LR 1250.1 Unplugged electric crawler crane in the UK has been handed over to Select Plant Hire. The new crane is only the second of Liebherr’s new Unplugged models to be shipped so far, the first having gone to a Kynningsrud/Nordic Crane. The crane models was unveiled last year in … Read more

Liebherr unveils new battery electric crawler cranes

11 liebherr unplugged ce563b22

Liebherr has announced the introduction of its first battery electric crawler cranes with the 200 tonne LR 1200.1 Unplugged and 250 tonne LR 1250.1 Unplugged crawler crane model. The new cranes, developed by Liebherr Nenzing – which designs and builds Liebherr duty cycle and lift cranes up to 300 tonnes capacity – have the same … Read more

Kynningsrud Contributes Cleaner World with First Liebherr electric crawler

20201202 kynningsrud lr1250 unplugged 1

With the national targets in reducing greenhouse gas emissions, the new LR 1250.1 Unplugged has helped Kynningsrud Nordic Crane taking a big step in the direction of a greener world. The launch of the green-coloured Liebherr has excited the audience as the Vice President of the Norwegian Parliament had the honoured to cut the ribbon … Read more