XCMG Consolidates Sustainable Development with New Energy-Centric Strategies During World Environment Day 2022

xcmg xct25phev hybrid truck crane 1

XCMG obtained the first “green license” in China’s construction crane sector in May for its XCT25PHEV hybrid crane, which is the first “true hybrid” model in the world. It was developed over the course of five years and underwent another two years of testing and optimization, and the model has also taken a major step towards scale … Read more

XCMG debut XCT80L6_2 Truck Crane

xcmg xct80l6 1

XCMG is looking to strengthen their mid-tonnage truck crane and has launched a new flagship 6-section XCT80L6_2 truck crane. It was developed based on the G1 generation technology platform, improved performance and machine intelligence. Through the technology improvement, the 80-tonne 4-axle measure just 15m in length and the 6-section main boom has a maximum length … Read more

Double Drive Hybrid Crane from XCMG – XCT25_EV Plug-In

211206 xcmg xct25 ev plug in

The Chinese manufacturer, XCMG, has announced that the world’s first truck crane with hybrid technology, XCMG XCT25_EV has become popular all over the world. Using the cutting-edge technology platform, the industry’s first mobile crane with hybrid technology can be powered by diesel engine and electricity, through their patented technology gearbox powertrain. The 25-tonne hybrid crane … Read more

Zoomlion to debut four new crane models

zoomlion debut four new models

Zoomlion is set to debut four new cranes between 100, 130 and 300 metric ton capacity class. There will be a new all-terrain crane model from each capacity and a 110 tonnes hydraulic truck crane. Although not much of the information has been released, good to know the general specification of these new cranes. ZAT3000A863 … Read more

Truck Crane Killed Motorist In Traffic Accident In China

crane accident truck crane guangxi

On the morning of 23rd September, a fatal traffic accident occurred at the road intersection in Liuzhou Coty, Guangxi, China. A truck crane that was turning right hit an electric bike that was waiting at the traffic light, dragging the female motorist and the bike 2-3 metres before the crane stopped. The accident happened at … Read more

Link-Belt launch 110-tonne truck crane – 120 | HT

11 lb 120ht front 001 2ab22824

Link-Belt will launch a new 120 US ton/110-tonne four-axle truck crane this autumn/fall with the introduction of the 120|HT. The all-new crane, which is expected to take over from the current HTC series HTC-86110, features an all-new air suspension system, which is said to provide an ultra-smooth top road speed of 62mph/100kph. The suspension and … Read more

Third Tadano HK 40 truck crane for MSG Krandienst

210808 tadano hk 40 msg

If you find yourself buying the same thing twice in a very short time, then there must be something special about it. For MSG Krandienst GmbH, the Tadano HK cranes represent the perfect combination of performance and flexibility, which is why the company has now welcomed the third HK 40 to its fleet. MSG sees … Read more

Brand new truck crane collapsed while erecting tower crane

210728 xcmg qy25k5d collapse tower crane 1

We have received an information that on the 24th June last month, a brand new hydraulic truck crane has collapsed while erecting a tower crane in China. The new 25-tonne hydraulic truck crane XCMG QY25K5D has just obtained its license and the operator drove the crane straight to the job site for its maiden work … Read more

XCT80L6 (80t)

XCT80L6 is one of XCMG latest G-series production line truck crane. The G-series was jointly designed by top XCMG researchers in Europe, North America, Brazil and China through advanced global product data management platform with the industry 4.0 concept that centres on groundbreaking innovation, user-friendly principle and sustainable development, promptly adapting to the changes in the global construction machinery industry. [quads id=3] … Read more