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Crane rolled off cliff, killing two in Taiwan

crane accident taiwan crane roll off cliff 2

It was reported on 23rd September, a 130-tonne truck crane had a brake failure and rolled off the road into the cliff. While the crane was in its motion, it hit a passenger vehicle nearby, killing a mother and daughter in the car.

The incident happened at 117.35 km of Taiwan Route 8 of Zhongheng Highway. The crane was involved in the roadside maintenance when the crane suddenly moved backwards, colliding into the deceased passenger car and another three cars behind it.

The truck crane fell almost 300 metres into the valley. Looking at the photos, it seems like a Kato KA1300R all-terrain crane.

The car behind the crane suffered severe damages, which the mother and daughter were in. The sisters of the mother were also in the vehicle, escaped death unhurt.

When the police arrived at the scene, both deceased already has no signs of life. The police are carrying out the investigation to determine if the accident is caused by human negligence or mechanical malfunction.

Accordingly to the 51-year-old crane operator, Qiu, has insisted the crane brake is on and does not know why the crane started to move after the outriggers are being stowed.

Taroko Public Works Section of the Directorate General of Highways will thoroughly review the cause of the incident and may hold the manufacturer accountable if found to be the manufacturer’s fault.

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