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Third Tadano HK 40 truck crane for MSG Krandienst

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If you find yourself buying the same thing twice in a very short time, then there must be something special about it. For MSG Krandienst GmbH, the Tadano HK cranes represent the perfect combination of performance and flexibility, which is why the company has now welcomed the third HK 40 to its fleet.

MSG sees itself as a full-service provider for all aspects of lifting and moving. With its state-of-the-art technology and a comprehensive fleet of vehicles including a variety of different types of cranes and machines, the company offers planning, coordination and implementation of all aspects of crane services, project logistics and heavy goods transport.

The fleet includes articulated vehicles and trailers, large cranes, tower cranes, loader cranes, special cranes and mobile cranes, with this latter range extending from 40 to 750 tonnes. 

When it comes to truck-mounted cranes, one model, in particular, was head and shoulders above the rest: “We are consistently impressed by the overall performance and efficiency of the Tadano HK 40. It has the best lifting capacity in its class and is incredibly straightforward to get out on the road thanks to its flexible counterweight configuration.

This is a huge help to us when we’re working on interregional construction sites,” explains MSG Managing Director, Björn Jatz. After all, Baden-Württemberg-based MSG also works on international construction sites and assignments with a wide network of partners, including those in industrial, commercial and plant construction, the petrochemical industry and the energy sector.

It also helps that the 4-axle 40 remains within the 8-tonne axle load limit in spite of its 4.5-tonne counterweight, 9-metre boom extension, 10-tonne hook block and 4-tonne hook tackle. 

The Tadano truck-mounted crane is also a popular choice when it comes to prefabricated house construction, which just so happens to be the second major field of activity undertaken by MSG Krandienst GmbH. Thanks to its compact dimensions of around 11 metres long and 2.5 metres wide, even the tightest new construction areas can be navigated with ease.

This means the HK 40 is ready for action in no time, always well-equipped and more than capable of handling compact crane sites. 

When you think of all the arguments in favour, it’s unsurprising that MSG made the decision to add a third HK 40 to the other two in its fleet. As a high-speed crane, it will also contribute to the continued growth of heavy-duty specialists. “Being a truck-mounted crane, the 40 is ideal for long-distance operations spanning vast areas.

And of course, we mustn’t forget the flexible equipment options it allows us to take advantage of. It really does tick all the boxes for us,” concludes Jatz, who is looking forward to the first projects with the third HK 40 in the mix. 

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