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XCT80L6 (80t)

XCT80L6 is one of XCMG latest G-series production line truck crane. The G-series was jointly designed by top XCMG researchers in EuropeNorth AmericaBrazil and China through advanced global product data management platform with the industry 4.0 concept that centres on groundbreaking innovation, user-friendly principle and sustainable development, promptly adapting to the changes in the global construction machinery industry.

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XCT80L6’s new hydraulic system refined the controls of the crane, increasing up to 25% in precision, achieving the lowest stability speed of 2.5m/min. 

With an independent high-powered hydraulic oil cooling system, it aids in reducing the hydraulic oil temperature effectively thus increasing the hours the crane can work and hydraulic system reliability; with a double sub-flow pump control and large displacement pump, it increases the lifting efficiency by 10%, increasing better operating experience and better economic returns.

With the new G-series technology, the crane has an energy saving hydraulic system that improves fuel economy and work efficiency.

The fully optimized hydraulic system components with the integration of engine intelligent control technology help to achieve more than 15% reduction in fuel consumption.

The 80-tonne truck crane can handle 15-tonne of counterweight onboard, reducing transportation cost. (Optional additional 5-tonne counterweight)

In addition, the crane can self-erect its counterweight remotely with a remote control.

The XCT80L6, equipped with a low-speed, high-torque powertrain, has undergone hundreds of thousands of rigorous repeated verifications, reducing fuel consumption by more than 12% and increasing gradeability by up to 45% over the combined operating conditions.

XCT80L6 uses a six-section U-shaped boom with a single telescopic cylinder. The main boom can be extended up to 55m. It also has a bi-fold swing away lattice jib of 10.5m and 17.5m.

The crane has one of the world’s leading crane energy recovery technology that is able to utilize the energy harness from travelling and use it during crane operation.

The energy that is generated during braking or deceleration can be recovered and store. It can be used to increase the performance of the crane when it is starting off from a stop and improve its gradeability and braking on long slopes. When climbing upslope in an urban area, the savings is estimated 10-15%.


Other features

Intelligent crane boom technology

Fully synchronized shaft control

Intelligent hoisting and implementation system

Double K-type outriggers

Three steering modes and a minimum turning radius of 10 meters.

Engine specs
Max. Torque: 1,800 Nm
Max. Output: 268 kW


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